May. 19th, 2016


May. 19th, 2016 03:10 pm
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I got the fronts attached to the backs at the shoulders, so I pinned the side seams and had a try-on. I was expecting to feel frumpy and butter-churny etc, but OMG, it's actually kind of cute! With regard to the Regency pattern I drafted for this, I think the fit is good, but I would like the waist to be about half an inch to an inch higher, the front neck a bit lower, and the have the back piece curve narrower at the waist. But really, those are such minor things, the waist length really doesn't matter for this, I can cut down the neck a bit before adding the collar, and increasing the curve is just an aesthetic thing. I am SO GLAD it fits well!
The details are kind of lost with the busy print and I have a feeling it's going to be very combined with long sleeves and a petticoat. The pattern is taken almost exactly from this cotton spencer because it had the style I wanted and similar measurements to me, but altered to have a long crossover front. The back skirt is just a rectangle (12" long fabric width) pleated to the waist with double knife pleats. What's left:

  1. Sew side seams

  2. Hem fronts and bottom

  3. Sleeves, with wristbands

  4. Collar

Hoping to get this done Saturday (but probably won't actually get it done until Sunday, or possibly even Monday. Ack!). Then I will have time to make a pair of (mostly machine sewn!) pockets before the event on Wednesday.

Eventually, to finish off this outfit, I'd like to make an apron, a cap, a straw bonnet, a neckerchief, an alternate short-sleeved shortgown in a different print (for hot days), and a wool spencer (to wear with the petticoat for cold days). Then I could just stop worrying about what to wear for living history and focus on other, fancier pretty things. ;p


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