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I really just want to go on and on about all my potential plans for upcoming sewing, but I was determined to get started on recapping today. So here goes...

Wednesday I got up at (what felt like) the crack of dawn to catch a flight down to LA. It went smoothly. Mostly I just slept. However, my shuttle took forever and a day to show up. Apparently there was a conference going on and that was using all the shuttles. Whatever. There's no way I should have had to wait for over an hour. I met some nice Australian people who were also waiting. Finally reached the hotel and immediately saw friends. Yay! [personal profile] starlightmasque , [personal profile] cavalierlady ,[personal profile] fleurdelysa , [personal profile] quincy134 , and Cindy (RedThreaded) were the people I first encountered. It was so great meeting some of these people after having known them so long online and great seeing old friends again. First up was a trip to Whole Foods for food. Then bed. Not very exciting.

Thursday was our epic trip to the Fashion District. (Picture courtesy of Angela)

Our first stop was Home Fabrics because duh! $6 silks! It was super overwhelming. There were also $10 silks. I wanted EVERYTHING. I didn't buy everything. I had to make decisions. I think I made good ones? It was all a blur. We also went to Memo because I didn't find what I was looking for at Home Fabrics. [personal profile] helenwinfield got an amazing deal on some gorgeous blue silk. I got the things that I wanted. Solid silk taffetas for $10! When I was there 2 years ago, they were $12. (It's where I got the lavender silk for my 1871 Gala gown.) Overall, I checked off almost everything on the list I had made before going (the list I neglected to bring along with me). I think Memo might be my favourite place for solid taffeta; I always find exactly what I want there. The haul (the mauve/taupe stripe on the bottom left is for a local friend, but the rest is ALL MINE):

I had a scary moment in the Fashion District. I was in a trim shop browsing and when I turned around everyone was gone! It wouldn't have been so bad, except that my phone was having severe issues in downtown LA. It kept losing its signal and shutting itself off. Seriously, every time it got its signal back it would get a text and then when I tried to look at it it would die again. Not impressed. So for a little while I was wandering around, I couldn't connect with anyone, it was hot, I had no idea where I was, and it smelled like urine. Um, not pleasant. However, I eventually I was able to see a text that said they were heading back to the car, which I figured I could find because we were in the lot directly across from Home Fabrics. We ran into each other en route and it was all good.

We went to a British Pub for an early dinner, where I got to eat a fresh artichoke for the first time (instead of ordering British food, it seemed appropriate for California). It was delish! (Picture courtesy of Angela)

The evening was the Pool Party. I dressed up in my old Snow White costume. It was fun because there were 3 other different kinds of Snow White. [personal profile] theladyrebecca  was Designer Disney Snow White and two other ladies were a 1950s and a 1920s Snow White.

It was awesome to see other friends again! The 60s bad girls were a riot. I didn't get a lot of pictures. Too busy socializing. :) Needless to say there were a ton of wonderful costumes and fabulous people.

Next recap will be about Friday and the Social!

Note: If there are any pictures of you that you don't like, please let me know. I'm happy to take them down.
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