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I kind of just want to make hats now. They're so much fun! Here's my "finished" hat, trimmed with flowers. I arranged them around the crown and pinned them, then I sewed them on with big stitches so that they'll be easily removeable. They're a bunch of the flowers that I used for my 1882 Little Mermaid evening gown repurposed. Yay for not having to buy new things!
I got the idea of a wreath of flowers from [ profile] jenthompson's 1883 Peterson's. The lady on the far right of this fashion plate shows this sort of style of hat with just flowers for decoration.

My busk and hoopsteel came in the mail today. I guess I should get back to work on that corset.
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Since I didn't get any sort of sewing done so far this month and have an outing this Saturday with Victorian at Heart, I made a new hat to add to my outfit. I used this Lynn McMaster's tutorial on altering modern straw hats. I took the crown off of my hat and dampened it to flatten the top. I also dampened and flattened the brim. I cut the brim and overlapped the edges to make the brim more angled. Then I re-attched the crown to the brim at an angle, so that the brim was way smaller at the back than the front. Then I added some more rows of straw braid around the brim to make the brim bigger. Then I dampened the brim and shaped it so that the sides come down. All the sewing was done by hand with cotton thread.
I have a Pinterest board of hats, some of which are this sort of shape. I didn't get all the angles quite right, but overall I think it works.

Now it just needs trim! I'm going to put a wreath of flowers around the crown. It should also have a lining in the crown and the brim should also have some sort of lining, often shirred, but I'm planning on recovering this hat next month to turn it into a winter hat, so I don't want to go to all that trouble just to undo it.


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