Jul. 26th, 2015

Not good

Jul. 26th, 2015 01:43 pm
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There were a couple of small brown spots on my white leather gloves and I wanted to try and clean them. So I dabbed on some leather cleaner and OMG the small brown spots have disappeared but are now replaced by larger beige spots! I think I might have ruined my right glove. I am not happy. More stress is the last thing I need on top of the sewing I still need to get done.
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I am trying desperately to finish everything before leaving for CoCo on Wednesday morning. I really want to power through and finish up Lost Hope fairy today, including figuring out the wrapped turban. The dress just needs closures (2 hooks and eyes) and hemming the sleeves and skirt, since I just finished sewing the drawstring casing/neckline bias.

I also painted the flowers I want to use to make my corsage and hair ornament for the Gala. The store didn't have many peach flowers, so I bought white, but they were just too white. I used fabric paint, very watered down, and painted them so that they are pale blush with a slightly darker edge to the petals.

What's left:

  • finish off Lost Hope fairy (closures, hem, wrapped turban)

  • Little Mermaid (boning, corsage, hair ornament)

  • fix waist seam on 1942 green linen dress

  • reticule (finish embroidery, assemble)

The reticule will likely be my "hand-sewing on the plane and in the hotel room" project. Since so many of my costumes have pockets, I won't actually need it until Saturday night. Ok, back to work!
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I think I'm just going to machine hem everything on the Lost Hope fairy. I finished the edges of the chiffon sleeves with a zig-zag stitch which gave a really interesting sort of faux picot hem with little fraying bits. I like how it looks, so I'm being lazy and leaving it as-is instead of turning up the edge to hem. I wonder if this new-ish machine has some sort of hem-stitch...

Guys, I can totally get this done tonight! Only the skirt hem is left. I even tried it on with my stays and it fits! Whew. Regency stays are a pain-in-the-ass to put on though. No split busk = big hassle and weird contortions. My dress is also weird to put on and take off because I can't actually undo and redo the hook and eyelet I made because the fabric is too thick there. So it's just permanently closed at the top. This means I have to pull the thing over my head and this is difficult because of stays straps. It's all contortion-y!!!

*trots off to look at manual for a hem-stitch*


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