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No very exciting progress, but slowly getting things done. The train is sewn together and I have almost the entire hem overcast. Then it'll need to be put on the waistband and have the balayeuse added. Not too much. I honestly think I can get my Gala gown done this month, which would be great and hopefully leave me enough time to finish my Regency stays and make a Lost Hope fairy dress in July. I know I said I was thinking of doing a 1920s 1-hour dress if I had time after that, but what I would really like is a 1950s playsuit for Thursday of CoCo, just a top and shorts. I guess we'll see on that.

Life stuff is a bit nuts. Trying to do all the paperwork for the apartment. I also randomly got a jury summons, but the date is right at the end of August, so I really hope that my exemption goes through. I think moving out of province to attend university is a good excuse for not doing jury duty. Other stuff is busy, but good. I saw Jurassic World and Entourage this past weekend. Jurassic World was very fun, although towards the end it was just sorta ridiculous. I'm a big fan of the original movie, which is genius, so obviously this sequal wasn't going to live up, but still a good time. Entourage was alright, just like a really long episode of the show. I'd enjoy it more if it wasn't so blatantly sexist, but it was still good for some laughs. I also had a family dinner to celebrate my graduation. We ate lots of Chinese food and cake and it was fun to get together with my extended family.

Lastly, I watched the season finaly of Game of Thrones. I'm honestly sort of fed up with the show. Partly it's that I've been waiting to find out who gets the Iron Throne for something like 6-7 years by now (having read the books before the show came out) and can't it just end already!?! But it's also that I think the show writing is getting progressively worse (a problem the books also seem to have at times). While the first couple of seasons followed the books very carefully, these later seasons are departing a lot and some of the changes just don't make sense. Actually a lot of what went on this season simply doesn't make sense, like Petyr Baelish, one of THE most knowledgable characters in Westeros, being uninformed about a super important character (Ramsay) and the Sand Snakes worst rebellion ever that happens at the exact same time that Jaime and Bronn arrive in Dorne. I think it's just getting out of hand.

It wouldn't bother me quite so much (even in conjunction with the rampant misogyny) if there were at least some pretty costumes. But this season was seriously devoid of the eye-catching, glamorous gowns we've all come to know and love. Cersei and Margaery (the 2 biggest fashionistas in Westeros) spent most of their time in potato sacks or off-screen, with the exception of a couple of things very early in the season. I don't want to watch if there's no costume eye-candy! With the exception of Danaerys' seriously wicked dragon necklace in the last couple of episodes. So season 5 was just bleh for me. :p
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