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Finished jeans with me doing my best Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face impersonation, complete with ballet flats and funny pose. (One of these days I have to do a dress from Sabrina. It just makes so much sense.) They only took about three days from start to finish, and it should really have only been about two days, because a great deal of the second day was spend ripping out all the seams and top-stitching that had been done earlier that day to get a better fit. These were made using my very heavily modified Wearing History Smooth Sailing pattern. (They've gone from 1930s to 1950s in style.) You can see that they're significantly higher waisted than modern pants, which is great because you never have to worry about continuously pulling them up when you're sitting. But they're not hitting my natural waist because I'm pretty short-waisted and I look funny and stumpy when things hit my natural waist.

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I'm really happy with these and plan on making a similar pair of pants out of some tan mini-houndstooth stretch suiting this summer as well as some denim capris. The suiting was supposed to be for my 1912 project mantle, but the colour is really not flattering with my skin tone so having it up by my face has been decided against. It will make awesome pants though. :)
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My next project is a necessary addition to my wardrobe: Jeans! All my jeans except one pair now have holes and I don't feel like searching for a good pair of jeans. My old standby has changed to using a much thinner denim that I don't like. And jeans with the kind of pockets I like just aren't to be found in your neighbourhood shopping mall. So, using my modified Smooth Sailing pattern, I plan on making a jean with awesome pockets and not too skinny but not too wide legs, inspired by the lovely Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face.


See, jeans! Well, not quite yet. ;p But I want to get them done in time to wear for the weekend.
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I finished the dress on Saturday, but didn't take pictures that night because I was running late, so you don't get to see me all dolled up. Some of my school friends were surprised at how I looked, and one didn't even recognize me, so I guess I clean up well! lol ;) I took these pictures today. Standard front and back pics.

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Here are some pictures of the insides of the purple print dress, which is now complete. These are details of the inside so you can see how I put it together and finished it. First, darts and pleats were put in the bodice pieces. Then the fashion fabric and lining of the bodice pieces were treated as one and sewn together.

Here's the front with all the seams bound with double fold bias tape.

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My solution for attaching a skirt lining when the bodice is flat-lined, inspired by historical techniques. (Anyone know a different way?) I sewed the skirt lining to a tape and then sewed the tape in at the waist by hand. This also covers up the seam allowances of the bodice. I could have tacked the skirt lining down around the zipper, but I was pretty tired and lazy by that point, and the fashion fabric was opaque enough that it's not noticeable.

So, those are the insides.
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After thinking about my upcoming sewing plans, I realized that they qualify for the Sew Cinematic Challenge. They are my dress for the Old Hollywood grad and my ladies' mantle for the Vintage Pattern Lending Library 1912 Project.

First up is the dress for grad. I have some synthetic something, sort of like georgette, which has a small purple floral in the stash that I couldn't figure out what to make from it. This seemed like a good project to put it to use. Because the theme is Old Hollywood, I decided I wanted Veronica Lake hair and of course I need the dress to go with it. The movie I'm inspired by is The Glass Key, because she wears this dress:
Mine will be sleeveless, with a gathered mid-section, and a half-circle skirt, all lined. That's the plan for now. I'm off to do some fabric shopping and need to pick up some notions for it. More later.*
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