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Here it is, the stuff I sewed in 2011. I didn't do any knitting like I wanted to, but I was far more productive than usual. I got done, on average, just over one project a month, which was my original goal for the year. I think I can up my productivity for next year a little bit. I have some new strategies, like to just force myself to get started, because once I've started I have no trouble continuing. So...

Grape dress- which I want to re-fit in the waist section before I wear it

The rest )

Whew! That was a lot. It seems like this was a pretty productive year for everyone on my Friends list. See you all in 2012! Happy New Year! And best of luck with all your future sewing projects!
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Well, the last couple of days have been a bit eventful. Our furnace broke. Fortunately, we've been having a mild winter so far, so it wasn't too cold in the house. Unfortunately, we found out that the furnace was defective and that we've been at risk for carbon monoxide poisoning for a while. Luckily we're all ok. Good thing we have those detectors.

In sewing news, as promised, I have pictures! I just installed the software on the computer. :)

Here they are )
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Plugging away slowly, but surely, at my plum wool jacket. I made several small alterations to the pattern, like shortening the bodice pieces and sleeves, and taking out a fair amount from the bust. All the wool is cut out now, most of it waiting for tailor's tacks (which I'm doing today). The bodice is together with all its myriad of darts. The fit is almost perfect. It's a tiny bit snug for a jacket, not much ease, but it looks really sleek. There's a little bit of wrinkling at the side bust that I can't quite get rid of, but it sort of goes away when I tug the jacket down. My mom thinks I should have shortened it a little bit at the bust line. I think it may also be the fabric I'm using. It's a bit thick and heavy, probably not ideal for this pattern. It's nice and warm though. I'm currently wearing it pinned on as a vest. ;p I wish my camera was working. That's all for now. I should probably work at it more and talk about it less.


Dec. 12th, 2011 10:49 pm
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I had my only exam during the exam period today. The rest were in-class exams. So now I'm footloose and fancy free! Yay!

This means more baking time. Mmm... And sewing time! My plum wool jacket is underway. I cut out the fronts and backs. Cutting through the heavy wool was really tough. I also marked them with tailor's tacks, which was fun because of the different colours of thread. I only cut out those pieces because I want to do the darts and seam and see how the body fits before cutting everything else out and getting it sewn together only to find out that it doesn't fit well. That would suck.

Christmas presents are also contributing toward sewing. I asked for some sewing books (one on patterning and one on couture sewing techniques). My mom has already bought me some corset supplies. Once Christmas hits, I will be getting my 1912 corset sewn up. This will be handy because I've decided to participate in the 1912 Project happening at the Vintage Pattern Lending Library. You get a repro every month of a pattern from La Mode Illustree from 1912 and all you have to do is sew it up (and a mock-up is totally fine). It's pretty neat.

Also Christmas related, my grandmother gave me some money to buy my own gift. So I ordered some vintage patterns from Etsy. A blouse and a dress. The two came together, and it was a pretty good deal for patterns that old. I've managed to already figure out the blouse is from 1939 (Yay! for Vintage Pattern Wiki) and the dress is, I think, early 1940s, based on the shoulder yokes and hairstyles of the pictures. I've been wanting to find dress patterns with shoulder yokes, a sweetheart neckline, and a pleated front after seeing all these inspiring dresses, and here was one with all three. Talk about lucky! So I snapped it up. The blouse was just a bonus.

Well, that's enough rambling from me. I've been pretty busy this last month, so it's really nice to know that I'm going to have some quality "me" time for the rest of the month. I plan on being very productive. And not just with sewing. I'm going to get my novel finished, which I wrote for NaNoWriMo (writing 50,000 words to win!). And watch lots of hockey. And read all those books that have been piling up. And maybe even see my friends once in a while too. Fun times!
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Yesterday I cut out some pockets for my Wednesday costume, marked the darts, and sewed all the darts. Today I sewed the front pieces to the side front pieces. It's not very exciting, but between the bathroom renovations that are going on at my house and the fact that it's mid-term time at school, it's still progress at least. I'd probably be a little farther along if I wasn't so lazy about changing the colour of the serger thread from white to black. There's not too much to do for this dress. Hopefully, I can get it done over the weekend and get cracking on my jacket. The weather has turned cold all of a sudden, like around freezing temperatures, and a wool jacket would be so nice to wear. (Before it gets really cold and I have to get out my "for real" winter coat.)

In other school-related news, I'm pretty ecstatic. I won an award for an essay I submitted! It was a $50 prize. I got the letter in the mail yesterday and it really made my day. :)
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Mock-up #1 was thrown together this week and tried on. I don't think I need a second mock-up. This style of corset is so easy to fit; just vertical seams, not a ton of compression, no bust to mess around with. The lacing gap may have been a tad on the small side, but the fabric I used for the mock-up has a tiny bit of stretch, so it should be fine when I use coutil. The neat thing about the corset is how it makes me stand. If I stand up straight, it actually feels funny in the lower back. This is corrected when I adopt the "period posture" of being slightly leaned forward. Very cool!

This project is on hold for the next little while. I need to order the hardware, and since I'm not working right now, I wanted to wait until I get a job before spending cash on projects. So my next project will be the plum jacket, since I have all the stuff for it already. Plus, the weather is getting a little more cool, and by the time the jacket is done, it should be the perfect time to wear it. :)

In other sewing plans, I was having a tough time trying to figure out a good Halloween costume. Well, I finally found it: Wednesday Addams! I just need to make a dark coloured shirtdress with a white collar and cuffs. I already have black hair to braid. Throw on a pair of black tights and some pale make-up and I should be all set. Maybe make a headless doll if I feel up for it. ;p
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Toward the end of summer, I made two pairs of shorts using a modified version of the Wearing History Smooth Sailing pattern. I'm so happy with them! Modifications include lowering the waist, removing the front pleat, adding DEEP pockets, and making them close in front. Here's a whole bunch of pictures as proof of productivity.

Shorts! )

And on me, to show how great they fit. I think that these ones really have a cute, retro pin-up vibe.

More denim )

In other sewing news, now that it's September the Fall sewing line-up is being planned. On my list for modern wear is the ivory satin blouse and plum wool jacket. Plum wool, chocolate bember lining, and fake leather wrapped buttons shown.

For historical stuff, I want to get cracking on the 1840 stuff like [ profile] jennil. This means completing the flounced petticoat. However, I'm thinking that I don't want to have to deal with all the flounces and it may end up being a corded petticoat instead. (Unfortunately, all the flounces are already cut out. They may end up becoming the back of a bustle petticoat in the future.) A plain petticoat will also be needed to complete the undergarments. I also have some plans for the DPP on Your Wardrobe Unlock'd/Foundations Revealed that I'll get into some other time.

With all these plans and being in school as well and my need to get a job, I am going to be busy, busy, busy!


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