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Today was our big educational annual event where we set up stations and school groups come and learn about how things were done c.1815. We have a lot of people in the group who have farms. This means that today I showed up and there were:
  • 2 ducks
  • 3 chickens, one of which was about 5 weeks old
  • a big, furry 5 month old puppy, named Roy! (half Great Pyrenees, which is why he was so big)
  • a little black LAMB-Y!!! OMG SO adorable!
So I had to work and stuff doing demonstrations on kids' clothing and dressing up volunteer kids in shirts and shortgowns and such. But during lulls and afterwards I spent a LOT of time petting the puppy and the lamby. :D
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I'm pretty much done with my print polonaise now. I got the 2 flounces sewn. I even sewed one of them on to my skirt. And then decided I was sick of this project and lazy and feeling behind schedule and needing to start on my ballgown. So I've decided to just have 1 flounce for now. If I feel like adding the other one later, I still can. Then I felt like a bad, lazy seamstress for not following through on my plan and decided I needed to find evidence of skirts with only 1 gathered flounce for this era since most seem to have at least 2 and generally more (I don't have enough fabric for more). I found one, so I can feel justified in my laziness! ;)

This means that I can get to work on my Little Mermaid 1882 ballgown now and hopefully get it done this weekend. First up is the underskirt. I need to trace out the pieces (with pencil, thanks to [ profile] atherleisure's suggestion as a substitute for my too-quickly-disappearing fabric marker) and then mark out my fish scale design. I'm going to paint the scale lines in silver paint. I got the Lumiere stuff after seeing how nicely the gold worked for [ profile] bauhausfrau.

I had my second living history event today. It was all day doing demonstrations for school kids at a local museum that used to be a convent. I was at a station showing how to card and spin wool. Now that I'm better acquainted with people, it's less stressful and more fun. We were outside and the weather was really nice. I met some new people too. And everybody acts like it's perfectly normal to dress up like it's the 1800s! (My kind of people!) I still need to find some sort of shoe that is not obviously modern, but won't bother my feet. I looked awful wearing my runners, but there was no way I was going to stand around all day in shoes that don't give proper support. My feet were tired enough afterwards as is. And one of these days I'll get an outfit made so I can return my loaner costume!

Next living history event is on Saturday, the 30th. It's at Dalnavert House, built 1895, so no need for Regency stuff at this place. It'll be my first outing in my polonaise. There will be pictures!


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