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I'm off to the States at the end of the week. I'm hoping that the Boston weather will be kind to me when I get there. I need another pair of jeans and had some leftover denim so I got to work, in hopes that they will be finished in time for the trip. They are cut out, front pockets are in, back pockets are decorated and waiting to be sewn on, and the the inside leg seams are sewn, but still need top-stitching. I want to fit the jeans first before going to the trouble of all that top-stitching though. Last time I had to seam rip at least twice. Re-sewing the same seam that many times and with that many lines of stitching is not fun. Really though, a day of solid sewing should get them done. And then I will have made a pair of shorts and a pair of jeans out of some denim that was originally meant for a jacket. Sometimes it's convenient being short; it's economic on fabric.
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Finished jeans with me doing my best Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face impersonation, complete with ballet flats and funny pose. (One of these days I have to do a dress from Sabrina. It just makes so much sense.) They only took about three days from start to finish, and it should really have only been about two days, because a great deal of the second day was spend ripping out all the seams and top-stitching that had been done earlier that day to get a better fit. These were made using my very heavily modified Wearing History Smooth Sailing pattern. (They've gone from 1930s to 1950s in style.) You can see that they're significantly higher waisted than modern pants, which is great because you never have to worry about continuously pulling them up when you're sitting. But they're not hitting my natural waist because I'm pretty short-waisted and I look funny and stumpy when things hit my natural waist.

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I'm really happy with these and plan on making a similar pair of pants out of some tan mini-houndstooth stretch suiting this summer as well as some denim capris. The suiting was supposed to be for my 1912 project mantle, but the colour is really not flattering with my skin tone so having it up by my face has been decided against. It will make awesome pants though. :)
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My next project is a necessary addition to my wardrobe: Jeans! All my jeans except one pair now have holes and I don't feel like searching for a good pair of jeans. My old standby has changed to using a much thinner denim that I don't like. And jeans with the kind of pockets I like just aren't to be found in your neighbourhood shopping mall. So, using my modified Smooth Sailing pattern, I plan on making a jean with awesome pockets and not too skinny but not too wide legs, inspired by the lovely Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face.


See, jeans! Well, not quite yet. ;p But I want to get them done in time to wear for the weekend.
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I was bad today. There was a big sale at the local fabric store. And I got three new fabrics. To be fair, one of them was denim for new jeans. Because I do need pants. The other one was a hunter green knit for a St. Patrick's Day shirt. Not really necessary, but still fun, because I'm going to a social and it's smart to wear green on St. Patty's Day when going to an actual event. The last thing you want is to give people a free pass to pinch you. The last fabric is for the 1912 Project. I got the Ladies Mantle pattern and didn't have anything suitable for it. So I got a lovely mini-houndstooth in shades of brown and tan. It's a stretch suiting, so not very period correct, but I really love the fabric. After seeing some other people's versions of the mantle, I thought it looked a lot like a regular jacket in shape. It's a really neat pattern, with two big pieces (left and right) and underarm gussets. Check it out here: and I'm probably going to leave off the trim or possibly just bind the edges in a dark brown something, as I'm not really a trim person in regular life and I want to be able to wear this out and about. Possibly with my hunter green t-shirt and my new jeans (when they all get made)... ;)
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I've hit a snag with my jeans. I went to go cut them out today and realized that I don't have enough fabric. It really sucks because it was my next project in line. Now I have to shuffle things around so that I don't lose (even more) productivity. This means that next up is the emerald green shirt. February looks like it will be wearable, modern clothes sewing month. Which is a good thing, right?


Feb. 5th, 2012 04:12 pm
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I know I haven't posted much this week, but I really don't have anything to say. All my posts would just read "currently sick and just trying to get well and keep on top of homework," which isn't very exciting. I've done the tiniest bit of sewing-related stuff, which was to sew the wrong coloured ribbon on my slip for straps (white instead of the ivory ribbon I bought for it). But I don't plan on fixing it because it's not THAT noticeable and it's not like I have any need of the white ribbon for anything else anyways. The other thing I did was to take measurements and adjust my shorts pattern a little to get it ready to turn into pants. I wanted to get the jeans cut out yesterday but my head hurt too much to do anything. I'm feeling a little better today, but I'm using most of my time to get homework done. Sewing has to take a backseat to that (unfortunately!). But hopefully I'll get those jeans done this week. A little each day should do it!
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I managed to put together my petticoat over the weekend. Which means pictures tomorrow! It gets dark so early now that I had to pick tomorrow because I get home from school early. (It seriously starts getting darker at 3:30pm. So ridiculous!) I plan on doing for real, nice pictures of the whole undergarment ensemble. I haven't tried it all on yet because I ironed it yesterday and didn't want to create a bunch of wrinkles. The petticoat was a good idea because it showed me the adjustments I'll have to make when I finally use the same pattern for the skirt of the evening dress.

To sum up, I've now completed two projects this year. Hurrah! One was an unfinished one from last year and the other was a new one using fabric from the stash and a pattern that I own. So I'm good on the Stash Busting/UFO Project front. :) Up next, following the project rules, finishing off my ivory slip and knickers (just adding straps and a snap). Then I'm on to a new project: jeans, using denim from the stash.


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