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I arrived a day early so I have a bit more to recap than just the weekend. I got in late Wednesday afternoon. I really enjoyed the shuttle ride to the hotel. It was a way of seeing more of LA than just the hotel. And honestly, I've never seen a place that looked so much like it appears on TV and the movies. I was also totally into the plant-life, much of which looked rather prehistoric to me, plus palm trees! At the hotel, I was greeted by one of my roomies, [ profile] starlightmasque (Angela), and [ profile] m_of_disguise (Megan). Angela had already set up our hotel room so everything was all nice. She is a super awesome roommate, as is her sister-in-law [ profile] cavaliermom (Bethany). If you ever get the opportunity to room with them, seriously, go for it! Angela and I met up with [ profile] llyrafantasyfae (Amy Lee) and [ profile] koshka_the_cat (Katherine) for dinner and we went to a hole-in-the-wall Indian place that had some tasty food.

I joined Amy Lee, Katherine, and [ profile] missmalexander (Melissa) for a day at the beach. It's my first time in California; how could I pass it up? I think we went to a beach in Mailbu. I don't know, but it was so much my idea of California. I wanted a surfboard and blonde hair so badly! Instead, I made due with some curly hair (ALL of which fell out from the ocean winds) and my 1942 green linen dress.

Katherine was also in 1940s (a playsuit) and Amy Lee had an awesome Victorian bathing suit. Melissa was wearing modern clothes, but looked super cute... And continued to look super cute the entire time at CoCo.

Something I learned about Katherine: She is amazing at modelling her costumes! Seriously, she looked like a fashion model for 1940s Vogue or something at the beach. Just awesome!

After the beach, we headed to a hippie vegetarian restaurant and had some delicious food. One of my favourite meals the entire trip, for sure! (And that has nothing to do with the fact that I ate very little because I was so busy the whole time.) I had gazpacho and tamales. Avocadoes in California are a far cry from the ones we get here. YUM! We also made a stop at the grocery store and I picked up some fruit and snacks.

I met some fabulous ladies in the afternoon. Finally got to meet [ profile] bauhausfrau, and also made the acquaintance of [ profile] lindseyerin37, [ profile] jubilima, and [ profile] love3angle.

In the evening I took forever to get ready because I had to figure out something to do with my hair (I ended up rolling it all up and leaving the combs in) and so missed all of the Frock Flicks podcast. So sad. :( I also seem to have not taken many pictures. Stupid me. But I met [ profile] jenthompson, [ profile] girliegirl32786, [ profile] ashamanja_babu, [ profile] the_aristocat, and [ profile] jennylafleur, which was awesome.

The pool party was sort of overwhelming, so I was glad to escape to [ profile] tayloropolis's trunk show and meet Taylor as well as [ profile] fancyfrocks and [ profile] nuranar. Her Etsy shop, Dames a la Mode, is on vacation at the moment, but should be up again soon. I hung out there for the rest of the time. So many pretties! I bought some lovely lavender earrings. :)

I think that's all for the first 2 days. I had to get to bed early so that I'd be ready for class the next day! I'll post the other days one at a time.
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I am trying desperately to finish everything before leaving for CoCo on Wednesday morning. I really want to power through and finish up Lost Hope fairy today, including figuring out the wrapped turban. The dress just needs closures (2 hooks and eyes) and hemming the sleeves and skirt, since I just finished sewing the drawstring casing/neckline bias.

I also painted the flowers I want to use to make my corsage and hair ornament for the Gala. The store didn't have many peach flowers, so I bought white, but they were just too white. I used fabric paint, very watered down, and painted them so that they are pale blush with a slightly darker edge to the petals.

What's left:

  • finish off Lost Hope fairy (closures, hem, wrapped turban)

  • Little Mermaid (boning, corsage, hair ornament)

  • fix waist seam on 1942 green linen dress

  • reticule (finish embroidery, assemble)

The reticule will likely be my "hand-sewing on the plane and in the hotel room" project. Since so many of my costumes have pockets, I won't actually need it until Saturday night. Ok, back to work!
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Things I made in 2014 (some still need a bit of finishing, but are mostly done), with comments:
1. Smooth Sailing grey wool trousers: need hemming, nice wardrobe staple, will be good for when I have to look professional or something like a grown-up ;p

2. 1790s plum silk stays: technically need tape over the seams, but wearable as is, SO GLAD to finally have these done!

3. 1790s cotton-linen shift: practical and useful
More behind the cut! )
I did a terrible job on my 2014 goals, but don't care at all. I ended up wanting to sew different things. It happens. :p

On average I managed to sew one thing per month. Not bad for me. I also tried out a lot of new techniques and made a wide variety of garments. 2015 will mostly be CoCo sewing: lots of 1880s stuff and possibly a couple of other eras thrown in, plus many more accessories! :)
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I bought my Costume College ticket the other day! And a ticket for the Gala! Yay! I can't believe that it's really happening. All I need to do is make a bunch of things to wear now... It looks to me like there are about 4-5 opportunities for costume wearing (not including vintage stuff that can be worn whenever, like it in classes). So here's what I have on the docket, but very little idea on which days to wear what:

  1. 1880s Little House on the Prairie cotton print bustle dress

  2. GoT Tyrell costume

  3. 1882 Little Mermaid gown for the Gala (Hm... just noticed that both of my bustle dresses have "Little" as the theme)

  4. Regency, either something new if I finish my stays or my 1790s white striped dress for the Breakfast with the Bennets (which needs a sash and petticoat, also need to figure out some sort of hair)

Also, hair stuff! I've got to figure this one out. I'm thinking a braided bun of some sort will be nicely versatile for lots of the above.

Other things that I am thinking of bringing, mostly vintage-y stuff for day wear

  1. 1960s pink cotton confetti print dress, has super handy pockets and is very comfy

  2. 1942 green linen dress, need to repair a seam, concerned with the fact that it's linen and wrinkles like a MoFo

Other things that I am thinking of making, but won't really care if I don't get around to it

  1. 1920s 1-hour dress, Gatsby theme

  2. Some other random vintage dress so I can make some use of my fabric stash and patterns that I have

  3. 1890s something, totally a pipe dream, I think 1890s might be my post-CoCo era

Whew! So many plans and thoughts! Anyone else bought their ticket yet? What do you think you're bringing or wearing to what (even though it's still months and months away and all plans are subject to lots and lots of change)?
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The Challenge:
Fairytale: I chose Robin Hood because I had this fantastic green linen sitting in my stash from last year. Conveniently [ profile] fancyfrocks tells me that the Robin Hood movie from the late 30s spawned a trend for Robin Hood-style clothing. I suppose this could also potentially be a 1940s Peter Pan. There is a long history of Peter being played by a woman. (The hat is one I made for my boyfriend a couple Halloweens ago when he was fox Robin Hood from the Disney movie.)

Fabric: 100% linen (from Sewfisticated in Boston!)

Pattern: McCall 4859

Year: 1942

Notions: Thread (cotton and silk), zipper, buttons with a pretty flower/star on them

How historically accurate is it? The pattern is an original, the fabric is legit for the era, I even sewed the buttonholes by hand!, the only things modern are the zipper (which is plastic) and the length could probably be a couple inches longer, so I'm going with 99% accurate.

Hours to complete: No idea. I'm really bad at this category. I worked on it every couple of days for an hour or 2

First worn: Today for photos. I won't be able to actually wear in until the weather stops being below freezing and the snow maybe goes away. (So maybe in May? ;p)

Total cost: Fabric and pattern were both great deals, so altogether probably about $18.

Things to note: I did handsewn buttonholes for the first time as I continue to add skills to my sewing arsenal. They aren't all perfect, but overall pretty good. I couldn't find appropriate buttonhole twist and ended up using regular silk sewing thread, so we'll see how that holds up. Also, this linen wrinkles like mad. I ironed the dress before putting it on and it was wrinkled by the time I got it done up. Ridiculous! Oh well. Other than that, I'm super happy with the fit of this dress. Vintage patterns seem to fit me almost perfectly out of the envelope (when they are a size smaller than what I should get. These patterns still have ease). The only thing I need to adjust is to add about an inch to the waist and shorten the skirts.

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Although I planned to get this done by March 20, that doesn't seem likely. I am making good progress on my Robin Hood dress though, slowly but surely. The skirt (with pockets!) is all together and the bodice just needs sleeves put in. Then all the major assembly will be done and just the finishing things will need doing, stuff like the zipper, hems, and the buttons. I think I will be ambitions and do handsewn buttonholes... Depending on how many need to be done! ;p
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For the HSF Fairytale challenge I decided on making a green dress and pretending I'm a 1942 female Robin Hood. Makes total sense, right? I'm using a 1942 shirtdress pattern (McCall 4859) and got it cut out the other day and started sewing today. The fabric is a light green linen that I bought from Sewaholic when I was in Boston last year. It's a great colour for spring/summer and since the weather finally got to just above freezing in the past couple days (feels positively balmy after the polar vortex we've had to deal with) I'm feeling pretty happy about it. Less happy is the fact that when I was snipping thread tails off the darted sleeve caps I caught the sleeve with the point of my scissors and made a hole. Luckily I still have a good amount of fabric left over and can cut out a new sleeve, but such a hassle. Oh well.


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