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Friday was the start of classes. My first class was learning how to make ribbon roses and leaves. I was kinda bummed by this class because it was 2 hours long and I thought they'd be teaching us more complicated stuff, but instead it was just a simple gathered ribbon rose out of wired poly ribbon. Oh well, it's pretty.

Of course, the best part was hanging out with friends and socializing. Much more of that was done during the day. I wore my 1960s pink confetti print sundress with a cardigan, so not really dressed up, thus no pics. (Definitely my "fuck you, I made this dress" moment.) I tried to get a bit of a bouffant hairdo, but not much luck. Later I braided my hair so it would be ready for the evening social.

People petting [ profile] girliegirl32786's gorgeous silk spencer:

I thought I took more pictures of the weekend than I actually did. What I realized is that it's because I was taking pictures for other people using their cameras. Oh well. I really enjoyed playing photographer for people, even though I'm not that good at it. :) I went to [ profile] nuranar's "Put Your Fabric to Work" class and got all sorts of inspired by plaids and stripes. I need more bias in my life! I also took [ profile] jennylafleur's class on curling hair and learned a TON. It was so interesting and informative. I loved it! It also made me want to buy all sorts of things to get good curls. :p

The evening was the Social. There were many of us Game of Thrones folk, which was super fun. Unfortunately, I had a bit of a mishap. I totally jinxed myself by telling [ profile] starlightmasque that because my bodice had hooks and bars as well as snaps that I wouldn't have any wardrobe malfunctions. Then, while we were getting ready, the thread on my top hook busted, so I had to sew that back on quickly. AND THEN, at the social, the top bar busted. So I had to run off holding my bodice closed down the long hallway and back to the room to sew it back on. Yeesh! Seems like nobody really noticed though. Being too busty isn't a problem that I'd ever thought I'd have. ;p

[ profile] ashamanja_babu's hand-sewn Anglaise and her hair were amazing!

More gorgeous ladies:

[ profile] llyrafantasyfae looking sexy and mysterious as Red Riding Hood:

After the social was the Pink Princess Party. OMG you guys, it's exactly what it looks like in people's pictures, but so much more! (Somehow I don't have many pics of this, but others have some really great ones that capture the event much better.) That was when I finally felt like I was REALLY at Costume College, like I'd entered into the pictures that I'd been enviously staring at every year. It was also when I realized that I was with my people, people who were not only incredibly welcoming, warm, friendly, kind, generous, and beautiful, but people who made me feel like a pretty princess too and whom I could be comfortable and relaxed around. *warm fuzzies* :D

I totally wanted to steal [ profile] girliegirl32786's gorgeous banyan. Silk banyans: the ultimate loungewear.

I was good and only had one pink drink. I also headed to bed at a decent hour because I knew the next morning would be strenuous with [ profile] ashamanja_babu's Irish Ceili dance class.
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Everyone else seems to be doing it lately and I think I finally almost sort-of have my plans figured out. So here goes:

Thursday night/Pool Party: 1960s confetti cotton dress

Friday classes: 1920s/Gatsby or Little House dress group

Friday night/Ice Cream Social: sounds like this might be the Game of Thrones group time

Saturday classes: 1920s/Gatsby or Little House dress group

Saturday night/Gala: Little Mermaid bustle gown (link to Pinterest board)

(Sunday breakfast: Regency cotton dress or spencer and petticoat)

Sunday classes: Regency Lost Hope Fairy

The 1960s and GoT dresses are already done so I don't need to worry about those. My essential costumes that I NEED to make are my 2 bustle dresses (Little House and Little Mermaid). Then, if I have time I want to make a 1920s and Lost Hope Fairy. If I don't have time, then my 1790s striped chemise gown is my back-up for Sunday and my 1942 green linen dress for day on Fri. or Sat. The second Regency is absolutely bottom of the list, but I got some pretty blush spotted voile that would make a lovely Regency dress and lots of fabrics around that would make good spencers since I have to make a strapped petticoat anyways.

For the 1920s I have 1.5m of black linen-rayon blend that I can trim with white sateen. I thought the black and white combo would be nice for Art Deco styling. Maybe I could also figure out a fun hat. Mostly, I thought 1920s would be less labour-intensive and something I could get done quickly.

For the Lost Hope Fairy, I kept thinking about what I had in the stash and would make sense for the theme. I remembered some shot black and purply-blue synthetic shantung I had sitting around. I also have some black synthetic chiffon. So I decided on a dress the colour of night, with a dress of the shantung and a tunic of the chiffon, dotted with little gold spots I could paint on for stars and maybe some silly tassels. Maybe also a turban with a crescent moon decorating it? My Pinterest board for this one.

Disclaimer: All plans subject to change! ;)
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Things I made in 2014 (some still need a bit of finishing, but are mostly done), with comments:
1. Smooth Sailing grey wool trousers: need hemming, nice wardrobe staple, will be good for when I have to look professional or something like a grown-up ;p

2. 1790s plum silk stays: technically need tape over the seams, but wearable as is, SO GLAD to finally have these done!

3. 1790s cotton-linen shift: practical and useful
More behind the cut! )
I did a terrible job on my 2014 goals, but don't care at all. I ended up wanting to sew different things. It happens. :p

On average I managed to sew one thing per month. Not bad for me. I also tried out a lot of new techniques and made a wide variety of garments. 2015 will mostly be CoCo sewing: lots of 1880s stuff and possibly a couple of other eras thrown in, plus many more accessories! :)
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I bought my Costume College ticket the other day! And a ticket for the Gala! Yay! I can't believe that it's really happening. All I need to do is make a bunch of things to wear now... It looks to me like there are about 4-5 opportunities for costume wearing (not including vintage stuff that can be worn whenever, like it in classes). So here's what I have on the docket, but very little idea on which days to wear what:

  1. 1880s Little House on the Prairie cotton print bustle dress

  2. GoT Tyrell costume

  3. 1882 Little Mermaid gown for the Gala (Hm... just noticed that both of my bustle dresses have "Little" as the theme)

  4. Regency, either something new if I finish my stays or my 1790s white striped dress for the Breakfast with the Bennets (which needs a sash and petticoat, also need to figure out some sort of hair)

Also, hair stuff! I've got to figure this one out. I'm thinking a braided bun of some sort will be nicely versatile for lots of the above.

Other things that I am thinking of bringing, mostly vintage-y stuff for day wear

  1. 1960s pink cotton confetti print dress, has super handy pockets and is very comfy

  2. 1942 green linen dress, need to repair a seam, concerned with the fact that it's linen and wrinkles like a MoFo

Other things that I am thinking of making, but won't really care if I don't get around to it

  1. 1920s 1-hour dress, Gatsby theme

  2. Some other random vintage dress so I can make some use of my fabric stash and patterns that I have

  3. 1890s something, totally a pipe dream, I think 1890s might be my post-CoCo era

Whew! So many plans and thoughts! Anyone else bought their ticket yet? What do you think you're bringing or wearing to what (even though it's still months and months away and all plans are subject to lots and lots of change)?
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I went to a Halloween house party last night. Turns out 5 of us decided to be Game of Thrones characters. So, of course, we got a group picture. :)
We have a Jaime, Margaery, Littlefinger, Danaerys, and Arya.
Me and the boyfriend. (I'll have better detail pics later.) People were very impressed. I even had a girl I didn't know ask me where I bought my dress. :)
Season 1 Arya made her own cape. She also made Littlefinger's costume out of shower curtains from a charity shop! No extra pics of the Danaerys costume, but it was a $10 dress that my friend cut up a bit to modify and had another friend take in because it was way too big.

Fun times! But now I'm so tired from staying up late. ;p Hope everyone else had a Happy Halloween!
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I got the shoulder pieces cut out last night as well as ironed on the fusible interfacing to the lining, which is the same as the skirt fabric. I was so distracted by trying to avoid small spots where the dye-job was uneven (I totally didn't stir enough) that I accidentally cut the pieces upsidedown so that the nap is running up instead of down. Not really a big deal because both pieces are the same, but still, silly mistake.

I sewed one piece together. Wow. Sewing fabric with a pile to something without a pile sucks. I've sewn velveteen before, but not to another different fabric. It keeps squidging and slipping away. So annoying! I'm glad that the pieces are fairly small and I only have one more to sew today. (I'm too lazy to make the back trapezoid for now. I'll get to it for CoCo.) Then they need to be tacked front, back, and at the neckline. That's it!

I'm sitting here, working (well procrastinating at the moment) on my thesis with my hair in sponge curlers. They're kind of fun. :)
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Yay! I just finished the boyfriend's Jaime jacket and I think it looks pretty good. The hems are laughably messy, but everything else is fairly nice. As for my costume, it's just the shoulder pieces and I've got the fabric now and I have the pattern. I'm going to cut them out tonight and interface the lining. Maybe I'll even sew them together. Then all I'll have to do tomorrow is handsewing and not much of it. I hope I remember to get some pictures tomorrow of the two of us all dressed up.

Darn dye

Oct. 27th, 2014 05:36 pm
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So I thought today would be a good day to dye my fabric and pattern up my shoulder pieces. The cotton velveteen started out as a sort of mossy sage green. I hoped it would dye to be at least teal, hopefully aqua. Not the case. AT ALL. It is now a beautiful emerald green... Unfortunately, my costume, as you may recall, is a deep aqua. Not good.

On the plus side, I can stop by the fabric store tomorrow and look for a suitable replacement. I really hope there is one. I still have another package of turquoise dye hanging around if I can find a very light coloured velveteen, preferable ivory. Other pluses are that if I find a replacement, this green colour is really nice and I can use it for something else. Also I've now learned how to dye fabric. And I dyed a couple samples of other things that I will be dyeing in the future and they turned out nicely. Worst case, I don't find fabric and use the green. Oh well.

I'm still going to do the patterning this evening. That should go alright.
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I got the jacket all together with the collar and everything. I think I made the collar a bit too stiff, but it's ok. All that's left is hemming the sleeves and adding the closures. Tomorrow I am going to get back to my Tyrell costume so I can finish that off. I need to make the shoulder pieces. For this I need to:

  1. make the pattern

  2. dye the fabric

  3. cut out the pieces: lining and velveteen

  4. interface the lining

  5. sew pieces together

  6. sew to bodice

Not too bad and I'm pretty sure I can get it done by Friday. *fingers crossed*

My next project is going to be some Victorian/bustle stuff. I should really finish my Regency stays, but I'm feeling meh about them at the moment and I just bought a bunch of buttons for Victorian bodices (see here and here). Best case scenario, I can make all the underpinnings before the end of the year. This includes: corset, chemise, ruffled petticoat, and plain petticoat. I conveniently already have a bustle pad, so that's good. And getting back to corset making should be fun. I think I'm going to try using all spiral boning, a la [ profile] the_aristocat. I find that the flat steels at CB are usually uncomfortable and twist a bit, probably because I have a swayback. Thoughts?

No sew

Sep. 24th, 2014 09:52 pm
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I'm feeling crazy overwhelmed with school stuff right now and all my great and grand routine plans have gone out the window! Hopefully, just temporarily. I'm applying to go to a conference, applying for grant money, and trying to work on my thesis all at the same time. Things like cleaning and sewing just fall by the wayside. I'm not sure how I'll cope once my work starts back up again (even though it's only 10 hours/week). By then I should have some of my school stuff done though, so should be alright. I'm also trying to get lots done so I don't have to feel guilty about going away this weekend. Even though I'll also be bringing along a book and some scholarly articles to read on the trip.

I REALLY want to get back to my Tyrell gown. The only essential thing that is missing is the velvet shoulder pieces. I need to dye the fabric, pattern the pieces, and then sew the darn things. My original plan was to padstitch the pieces, but there's no way I have the time or patience for that now, so they're going to get fusible interfacing instead. That will save me a ton of time and should still be supportive enough. I find that in a lot of recreations of this costume the major stumbling block that prevents them from looking right is the lack of structure in the bodice and shoulder pieces. There is a LOT of hidden work going on there that the ordinary, amateur sewist is probably unfamiliar with. It's only because I've made several corsets that I was able to get good results with the bodice and I'm still a little scared by the shoulder pieces. Oh well, if they don't turn out great, I'm sure they'll still be passable for Halloween and I can always redo them for Costume College.

I'm taking my Regency stays along on the trip. I figure that a 7-8 hour car ride is the perfect time to get some handsewing done. (It'd be reading, but reading in the car makes me feel carsick.) So hopefully I can accomplish some good progress on those. At least finish whip-stitching the lining around the gores and attaching the front and back pieces. Maybe even the straps too! I should also probably mark the very few boning channels so that I can do those as well.


Sep. 16th, 2014 02:13 pm
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I finally sewed the hem on the GoT Tyrell skirt. It's probably about 3/4" too short, but I didn't want it to be too long and have to worry about stepping on it. It's a good length for that now.

I've been doing well on keeping up with my new routine. Having it all written out really helps. I have everything done today already except for working on my thesis. I'm going out for a little while this afternoon (fabric shopping with the boyfriend!) and I didn't want to get into the writing zone and then have to stop. This way I can spend the whole evening on it without having to work on any of my other tasks (except maybe cooking supper).
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Some pictures showing me in the bodice and skirt, now that they're sewn together and the skirt has closures. Still need to sew in a loop and button on the inside flap of the skirt to make sure it stays closed. In the side pic where I'm showing off the pocket, you can see that the skirt is inclined to open a bit. Don't want that happening!

Also, how the closure works:
Behind the cut because of all the pictures )
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I finally whipstitched the skirt waistband to the bodice yesterday. Today I'm going to get the snaps on the waistband (2 sets). Progress is slow because my head and face feel all sinus-y which makes me feel like doing absolutely nothing. The most productive thing I've been doing is reading (for school stuff), cooking suppers for the family, and I left the house today to do some errands. That wasn't fun. The weather is much cooler now than a couple weeks ago and it was windy today. So moving between that and really warm buildings gave me some not very nice sniffles. :p
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I think I'm getting tired of working on the Tyrell gown. Or the grey and dreary weather is getting me down. Or I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed with stuff I need to do. I just want the Tyrell outfit to be finished so I can start on something else. But really I should be working on my thesis and getting that written. But it's another wedding on Saturday and rehearsal dinner tonight and I have to help with flower arrangements tomorrow for centrepieces as well as making the bouquets. I also want to go to school tomorrow for fun. There is a welcome back reception for grad students in my department and it would be good to see everyone again, especially since I won't be seeing them in classes because I'm done coursework now. Also, finally committed myself to going on a trip with the boyfriend and some friends to Minneapolis at the end of the month, but I'm feeling poor from having just paid tuition so planning a trip makes me feel a bit guilty. :p I also wasn't entirely sold on going on this trip with these specific people, but agreed to go anyways which is giving me a bit of social anxiety.

Really though, I think I'm just feeling stressed at the moment. Once this wedding stuff is done and I can settle into a thesis-writing routine with some time set aside every day for sewing, I probably feel much better about everything and will happily plug away at my little activities. It's just when I have other obligations on my time (generally from other people) that I start to feel stressed. I want to be there for other people, but I also want to hermit myself away and avoid people for a month or two.

Focusing on the good stuff though, I am still making pretty good progress on my Tyrell gown. I got the waistband on yesterday and will probably attach it to the bodice today. I wanted to have it done this week, but that doesn't look likely considering how I didn't do much today or yesterday and won't get any work done on it the next couple of days. Oh well, marking the hem may take some time, but actually sewing the hem won't and then that will be one more thing done! In terms of sewing productivity this year, I'm actually doing pretty good and feeling proud of myself. The monthly HSF has helped, even though I'm veering off from it as the year comes to an end. There are just other things that I want to work on that don't fit in with the challenges left.

Other good things are: the wedding itself will be fun! Getting to see all the friends again and celebrating. A buffet and ice cream bar are on the menu, which sounds pretty tasty to me. The get-together at school should also be fun. And Minneapolis is a pretty cool place to visit; lots of good places to eat, which is a high point in travelling for me. Thinking I need to stop by at Treadle Yard Goods and hopefully meet [ profile] ashamanja_babu! So lots of things to look forward to! Just taking it one day at a time.
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After being picky about my skirt yesterday, [ profile] nuranar had the great idea of weighing down the hem to make it less poofy. I was speculating as to what would make good hem weights that would be hanging around my house. [ profile] quincy134 had the cool suggestion of using coins. However, since I was already out today running an errand, I figured I'd stop by the local dollar store and (when that was unsuccessful) the hardware store which is right by it. Bingo! The hardware store had bulk washers that were perfect. I got 18 at $0.15 each (one for each gore and each seam) which came out to $3.05 altogether. They're flat, not too big (about 5/8" in diameter), and have convenient holes in the middle to sew them on.

This got me thinking about what else such weights can be used for in sewing. Here's what I came up with: I remember reading about Ginger Rogers' dance costumes being weighted in the hems to help them swirl out. (Especially effective with big circle/bias skirts.) I believe there is an 18th century jacket in Costume in Detail by Nancy Bradford that has weights in the sleeve cuffs. I think that weights would be good for trains. They'd prevent corners and such from flipping up.

Do you use weights in your sewing? Any great ideas for making use of them?

Off to cut out a waistband and attach it to the skirt then the skirt to the bodice. Then I'm thinking a picture.
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I serged all the edges, got the pockets in, and sewed all the seams. What's left: putting on a waistband, hemming, attaching to the bodice, and adding closures. I think I'm going to add a little button and loop to the overlap on the inside, just so I don't have to worry about the skirt flying open at the front. :p

Two things about the skirt that are a little less than ideal:

  1. The actual skirt has one more gore than mine. I was looking at pictures yesterday and realized there is a centre back seam. This doesn't really bother me, but it's something that differs that I could have avoided.

  2. The fabric, being a synthetic taffeta, has a lot more body than whatever the original skirt was made of (probably a thin silk with an underskirt, which can be seen in a scene where Margaery is walking around). Holding up the skirt to myself, it looks a bit more prom dressy than I would like. I don't think it'll be a big problem, especially once I get it attached to the bodice, but it makes me wish that I had found something else for the skirt. Oh well, it's not the end of the world.

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I'm feeling tired out from partying all weekend, so I'm too lazy to sew the skirt today. The idea of finishing all the edges before sewing the pieces just sounded like too much work (even with a serger). I also realized that I forgot about pockets! I love having pockets in things and, because this skirt is going to be fairly voluminous, I can totally add pockets without worrying that they'll show too much. So I cut out some pieces to make inseam pockets out of some bridesmaid dress scraps. I wanted something that would be lightweight and that I had on-hand and wouldn't want to use for something else.

The other thing I forgot was the accessories I'm planning for my Snow Queen gown. After all, what's an outfit without accessories? I want a sparkly tiara and this one fits the bill:

So snowflake-y and sparkly! Speaking of sparkly, I think I'll need some other pretty jewelry. So a necklace too if I can find one that doesn't break the bank and some earrings. I really want these ones by [ profile] quincy134 and will probably get them the next time I get paid:

They look like little snowflakes with bonus pearl drops. Super pretty!

Other than jewelry, I want to make a white faux fur muff and maybe also a little cape in order to be appropriately wintery. I was inspired by all the fur these illustrations:

(The first is by Milo Winter and the second is by Debra McFarlane.)
And also by [ profile] jenthompson's super cute 1883 cape and muff. I think the muff would be a really fun accessory, but the cape might make things a little too warm in the middle of summer, so I'd be ok with not getting that done. It would be fun for photos though!
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I got the skirt for my GoT Tyrell dress cut out. I'd share a picture but it's not very exciting, just a bunch of trapezoids. It's a 9 gore skirt, though technically 8 because gores 1 and 9 overlap. My fabric is a deep turquoise taffeta and doesn't seem to have any sort of direction to it, so I only needed 2 metres because some gores I could cut upside-down and still get a good amount of hem.

Cutting method: I folded my fabric so it was in fours, then marked off a rectangle that was 39 inches/1 metre long by the width of the fabric. I measured the waist of the bodice and divided that by 8 then added 1 inch for a seam allowance. I calculated the hem width of each gore by taking the total fabric width (59), subtracting 2 of the waist width of each gore (2x4.25), and then dividing by 3 for the number of hems that would be on that width of the fabric. Came out to about 16.75 after I rounded off to the easiest thing to mark. I marked out on my fabric so that I could cut 2 trapezoids on the fold, 4 upside-down beside that one, and then 3 more right side up (just keeping my scissors out of the bottom-most layer). It looked sort of like this: |_\_/_\| leaving a triangle at the selvedge. Overall my hem should be about 126, but that will change a little bit because all the points/corners will be coming off the bottom of the trapezoids when leveling the hem.

Hopefully leaving the one gore attached to the selvedge triangle will leave me with enough fabric for the underside of the velveteen shoulder pieces. If not, then some piecing might be in order. Luckily, it's not a very visible area because it's mostly facing my back, neck, or shoulder, just peeking out over the arm.

I can probably get the gores sewn together today and I may just do that later this evening. I want to attach a narrow waistband to the skirt and tack that to the bodice. The closure is going to be a bit tricky because of the hook and bar on the bodice being in the way of the waistband, but I think I figured out a solution to that: leaving the skirt unattached to the bodice where it overlaps (either skirt or bodice, whichever one has the greater overlap) and giving the skirt its own closure.
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As I said before, it looks like I will be able to go to Costume College next year (barring any wrenches in the works, like not being able to get a membership). This is influencing my sewing plans for the coming year. The theme for next year's CoCo is literary characters and I have several ideas for things I'd like to make or will be making. So here they are:

1. Game of Thrones costume. While I'd love to jump on the wonderful bandwagon that is King's Landing style dresses, unless I'm able to find the right fabric at the right price, such a project will have to remain a pipe dream for the foreseeable future. However, my Margaery Tyrell gown also fits the bill and it will be fun to get even more wear out of it, especially considering the amount of time I've invested in it.

2. Jane Austen themed outfit. Once I finish my stays (which I plan to get done this month) I'll be free to make up a Regency gown. At the moment I am leaning toward a striped pelisse/morning gown c.1815 like these examples from the Kyoto Costume Institute and the Met. I have some sateen with white and yellow stripes that I think would work well for this.

3. Little House on the Prairie dress, c.1883. This is something I would need to pretty much start from the foundations up. I'll need a corset, chemise, a couple of petticoats, and a dress. Conveniently, I already made a suitable bustle pad this year. I have the supplies to make the corset, but I think I want to dye my coutil salmon having seen this corset on Pinterest:

I still need a bunch of plain white cotton for the chemise and petticoats, but my recent excursion to the fabric store resulted in some narrow beading lace to use on the chemise. I also have several metres of a floral cotton print, it's an orange and olive print on ivory. I'm not entirely sure on what the dress will look like, but maybe a 3-piece outfit with plain bodice, underskirt (with a flounce or several), and a bustled overskirt.

4. 1882 Snow Queen dress. This one would be for the Gala. I'm following [ profile] jenthompson's lead with the historical fairy tale theme. I want something like this Worth gown in the Met and this other picture I found online.

For this I have the pale silk I bought in London that I want to dye a pale ice blue. I also want to get a ton of white silk gauze to drape over it. (Looking at the Met website, there actually seem to have been a lot of dresses in the white and aqua combo.) Instead of just flowers, I'll do snowflakes and icicles and maybe some white flowers and frosty looking ribbon bows, depending on what I'm able to find.

5. An Edwardian something, c.1909. No real thoughts on the literariness of this one, but I already have the corset and a chemise. I'd just need a petticoat. I want to make a cotton net blouse and then use my green silk-cotton to make a sort of jumper dress that would go over it. That way I could use the blouse for multiple gowns. Something like this, with pintucked sleeves and the slightly raised waist of the transitional styles of 1908-1910, which I love.

This outfit may also demand a ridiculously large hat. Maybe I can throw some flowers on the hat and call it a Secret Garden outfit?

Other thoughts include a 1790s riding habit (for which I have all the fabrics, but none of the notions, which could be expensive to acquire), an 1877 pink and white striped polonaise, and a 1950s playsuit. None of these are really literary themed either, but things that I want. Any other sewing I do will probably be more every day clothing, like pants and jackets and dresses.

What do you think? What are your dream sewing plans for the coming year?
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The pretty-much-finished bodice! I am still pretty sure I'm going to brush it up with some fabric paint, and obviously it needs the shoulder pieces and skirt, but the bodice part is done.

The Challenge: Terminology: Bodice, described in The Historical Fashion and Textile Encyclopedia at the Dreamstress as "Originally a boned, stiffed garment for the upper body, without sleeves" or "the upper part of a dress"

Fabric: cotton broadcloth, cotton drill, and some sort of synthetic stuff

Pattern: based on my body block/sloper that I drafted last year

Year: um... the Year of the Five Kings? Actually, I'm re-reading the books and I think the part in the show this costume is from is actually the year before a new century in Westeros.

Notions: thread, poly batting, hooks and bars, snaps

How historically accurate is it? Not really at all. But I think it's fairly close to being screen accurate. Does that count? Also, I used some historical techniques while making it, like padding and boning and taking a dart in the lining that isn't in the fashion fabric.

Hours to complete: I started on the 20th with a mock-up, so it's been about 8 days of a few hours most days.

First worn: Not yet, but the finished product will be out and about on Halloween

Total cost: Maybe around $10?

And the inside, which I think is really interesting. You can see all the boning and padding and handsewing. Also, using my new green silk-cotton as a background.



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