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Things I made in 2014 (some still need a bit of finishing, but are mostly done), with comments:
1. Smooth Sailing grey wool trousers: need hemming, nice wardrobe staple, will be good for when I have to look professional or something like a grown-up ;p

2. 1790s plum silk stays: technically need tape over the seams, but wearable as is, SO GLAD to finally have these done!

3. 1790s cotton-linen shift: practical and useful
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I did a terrible job on my 2014 goals, but don't care at all. I ended up wanting to sew different things. It happens. :p

On average I managed to sew one thing per month. Not bad for me. I also tried out a lot of new techniques and made a wide variety of garments. 2015 will mostly be CoCo sewing: lots of 1880s stuff and possibly a couple of other eras thrown in, plus many more accessories! :)
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I went to a Halloween house party last night. Turns out 5 of us decided to be Game of Thrones characters. So, of course, we got a group picture. :)
We have a Jaime, Margaery, Littlefinger, Danaerys, and Arya.
Me and the boyfriend. (I'll have better detail pics later.) People were very impressed. I even had a girl I didn't know ask me where I bought my dress. :)
Season 1 Arya made her own cape. She also made Littlefinger's costume out of shower curtains from a charity shop! No extra pics of the Danaerys costume, but it was a $10 dress that my friend cut up a bit to modify and had another friend take in because it was way too big.

Fun times! But now I'm so tired from staying up late. ;p Hope everyone else had a Happy Halloween!
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Yay! I just finished the boyfriend's Jaime jacket and I think it looks pretty good. The hems are laughably messy, but everything else is fairly nice. As for my costume, it's just the shoulder pieces and I've got the fabric now and I have the pattern. I'm going to cut them out tonight and interface the lining. Maybe I'll even sew them together. Then all I'll have to do tomorrow is handsewing and not much of it. I hope I remember to get some pictures tomorrow of the two of us all dressed up.
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I got the jacket all together with the collar and everything. I think I made the collar a bit too stiff, but it's ok. All that's left is hemming the sleeves and adding the closures. Tomorrow I am going to get back to my Tyrell costume so I can finish that off. I need to make the shoulder pieces. For this I need to:

  1. make the pattern

  2. dye the fabric

  3. cut out the pieces: lining and velveteen

  4. interface the lining

  5. sew pieces together

  6. sew to bodice

Not too bad and I'm pretty sure I can get it done by Friday. *fingers crossed*

My next project is going to be some Victorian/bustle stuff. I should really finish my Regency stays, but I'm feeling meh about them at the moment and I just bought a bunch of buttons for Victorian bodices (see here and here). Best case scenario, I can make all the underpinnings before the end of the year. This includes: corset, chemise, ruffled petticoat, and plain petticoat. I conveniently already have a bustle pad, so that's good. And getting back to corset making should be fun. I think I'm going to try using all spiral boning, a la [ profile] the_aristocat. I find that the flat steels at CB are usually uncomfortable and twist a bit, probably because I have a swayback. Thoughts?
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Here's the Jaime jacket/coat as it stands right now. The outer layer and the lining are both assembled but still separate. I still need to make the collar, attach the two layers, hem, and do closures. The closures should be easy, they're just metal rings attached to the overlapping edge and then strings on the other side that I'm going to tack down by machine. Not too tough. Also, the boyfriend was able to try it on yesterday and it mostly fits. The gores are a bit wonky, it's a bit tight in the armscye, and a bit short in the sleeves, but oh well, he's only wearing it like twice and the shorter sleeve will better show off the gold hand, right?... That's my story and I'm sticking to it!
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I have the other half partially assembled too, but here's a pic of one half of the lining all put together.
Disclaimer: the dress dummy has a much more feminine shape than the coat is intended for. ;-p

This is the left side, so the front needs to be cut down to CF. The gored pieces will also need levelling at the hem. This is going to make doing the stitching lines on the ultrasuede outer layer tough. I guess I can match up the ultrasuede gores with the levelled lining gores and then adjust the hem before sewing the lines or inserting the gores. That should work! :)

Just finishing up my first thesis chapter. It just needs some editing and a conclusion before I send it off to my advisor. Then I can get back to sewing. I'll have the lining all together and some of the ultrasuede layer put together too by the end of the day.
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I patterned up most of the coat yesterday and then hung out with the boyfriend today so he could cut it out. He's never cut out anything before so it was a bit of an ordeal, but it's mostly done now and saved me some work (although not time, I probably could have cut it out in half the time with the rotary cutter ;p). I left off the collar for now because I'm not entirely sure on the shape just yet, whether it's curved or straight. I'm inclined toward a straight collar, because it'd be easier, but also because the lining has lines that seem to go straight all the way around the collar. Thoughts?

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Aaaand it seems like I once again just filled your f-list with Jaime Lannister pics. Oops! How does that happen? ;)

I'm hoping to get this sewn up in the next couple of days, so expect some pics soon!
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I don't plan on getting to this one until sometime in October, but here's the rundown. I'm making a jacket/coat like the one Jaime wears in season 4 for my boyfriend. We bought some fabrics and notions: a light-weight ultrasuede, black broadcloth, and some burgundy cord. The only other thing I'll need (aside from a pattern) is some rings (which will easily be obtained at the hardware store) for the cord to fasten with. I'm going to create a pattern using one of the bf's shirts, lengthening it to be knee length and adding the cool side gores that are rounded at the top (same as the King's Landing dresses).
The original has a really cool textured fabric for the lining. I'm going to try and mimic this a bit by quilting the collar lining with a zig-zag stitch.

While there are a lot of really cool details on this costume, I'm not going to reproduce them all. This is more of a quick-and-dirty copy than anything. I am just too busy and too lazy to make another costume at the same level of intensity of the Tyrell gown, especially for something that will only be worn about twice. The bf has been nice enough to offer to help and I will be making him cut out the fabric (my least favourite part!). So that should help with the labour load. :)
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Today is super busy and I have to get off the computer so I can get some work done on my thesis in the limited amount of time that remains to me today. (I already managed to fit in my cleaning task/vacuuming all the linoleum/tile and a workout/walking home from the bus stop.)

But I want to say that I am taking on another Game of Thrones costume for Halloween for my boyfriend and that we went out yesterday to buy some stuff. It's a season 4 Jaime Lannister costume. He got a sword and gold gloves (so that one can be Jaime's gold hand), and we picked out some fabrics for a jacket. More details later when I have more time. Here's a picture!:


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