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These ones are of my green fairy costume corset. The pattern is the 1860 corset from Jill Salen's book. It's the one pictured on the cover.
Pictures! )

I have more pictures of all the details, but I'll spare you because I really just went kinda camera-happy. Final thoughts: I did like how it looked, except for the horrible wrinkles, but that's just lack of experience with satin. It was really comfortable to wear. (I wore it for several hours of dancing and partying.) I took in one side of the bust just a tiny smidge too much. The shape isn't quite what I'd like it to be. And I think the bustline may actually be too high for 1880. But those are all easily changed. So overall, I'm pretty happy with my first corset.
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The title pretty much says it all. I'm pretty sure I did the worst binding job ever on it, but I don't care because it only looks terrible on the inside and I'll be taking the binding off pretty soon anyways to scavenge the hardware. Skirt has been cut out and overlocked. Up next is gathering... lots and lots of gathering. So close to being done!
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Pinned, basted, and sewed the two bust seams. Also put in the spiral steels and tried it on. And it gives the nicest shape! (I really wish I could take pictures. Silly camera.) I'm so excited. The satin wrinkles, but that's sort of to be expected. It's too thin and there's only one strength layer. Plus, there's also my lack of experience. There was a reason I didn't want to use a satin for this. (It feels nice though. And, wrinkles aside, looks pretty.) But overall, I'm super happy with it. Especially since it means that my actual, historical repro version will go well. All that's left now is the binding and the skirt.
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It's together. And almost all the seams have boning channels. Except for the two seams that go over the bust. Those ones will need to be basted first. Unfortunately, the fashion fabric I'm using is really crappy and has a major problem with pulls. If I was being really particular with this project I would definitely have interfaced it first to give it more stability, since one of the seams is totally pulling. Stupid satin. Oh well, it still looks alright. Just those two channels and the binding to go! Then the skirt. :)
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Having a deadline makes me so much more productive. Grommets are done. They took a lot longer than I expected. Also, my fashion fabric has a tendency to develop pulls when the fabric is stretched to create the holes. But it's not too obvious. Today I have sewn together one side of the corset and most of the other side. Those seams also have the first line of stitching for the boning channels sewn right beside the seam. Unfortunately, I snagged a bit of the fashion fabric with the tip of my scissors and cut a few of the threads. It's not super noticeable, but there is a teeny, tiny hole. I'm not entirely sure what to do. I could just leave it alone (after all, I'm only wearing this thing twice, in all likelihood, and it's not a real hole) or I could put on a bit of fraycheck, but that may leave a visible spot, and we also don't have any in the house right now. So I'm sort of leaning towards leaving it alone for now.
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It continues. I got it all cut out! And the back facings are on with the two boning channels sewn!! (Grommets are for tomorrow.) And the busk has been sewn in!!! (And it looks good!!!!) (Note: Exclamation marks indicate amount of excitement concerning my progress. I'm really excited it's going well. Can you tell? ;p) The next few days will be grommets, roll pinning, sewing the seams, and felling them to make boning channels. I'm thinking the last step will need basting, at least for the curvy seams. I may be able to get away without it on the straighter seams. Also, I'm a little apprehensive about ironing the curves. I need one of those ironing thingies to iron curvy, 3D things on. Although, I think I remember reading somewhere that a rolled up towel will work for that. Then on the weekend I'll cut out the skirt and bias strips for binding the corset. Assembly of skirt and binding should be doable during next week, especially since I'm not hemming the skirt. It's going to be cut all jagged-y. Time for bed!
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Fabric shopping was fairly successful. Although I had to settle for a slightly different shade of green, I basically got what I wanted. This includes: a shiny pale acid/apple green fabric with a metallic thread woven through it (for the corset and skirt lining), matching organza with gold stars all over it (for the skirt), green ribbon which is several shades darker but still looks alright to lace the corset with, and thread. Also got some things for the 1840 corset: twill tape for binding and thread for decorative stitching in a soft, golden yellow colour.

I think today is a good day to cut out all the corset pieces. :)


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