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Turns out that the New Look pattern that I want is available on the Simplicity website as a printable pattern. So I don't need to worry about trying to find it in the States and can get started on making this dress earlier. I want it for a wedding I am attending on July 1st.

The baby quilts just need binding, which I am hoping to get done today. The shawl is coming along nicely too. The first cream stripe and the first maroon stripe are both done now. Circular needles are interesting. Sometimes I get a little confused about which way I should be knitting. I would like to make up the dress this weekend and have it done early next week. Then I can get started on my new corset mock-ups (which I think I have a cunning plan for) and maybe a new pair of shorts.
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I took some quick pictures of my current projects. Two baby quilts (one is now tied) and my 1864 shawl.
Today I want to get the second quilt tied and get started on the binding. Unfortunate moment yesterday when I realized that the quilt batting I had was JUST BARELY wide enough for the quilt. And that was the quilt with more piecing, so I am not entirely certain that the batting with be quite wide enough for the pinwheel quilt. It might get cut down a little bit round the edges.

The shawl is barely fitting onto the needles anymore, so I'm also picking up a circular needle today. I've decided that once I finish my shawl, my next project is going to be a pair of mitts, using [ profile] quincy134's Taylor mitts pattern. I've never made anything so complex before, but I think I'm going to follow [ profile] atherleisure's lead and do garter stitch edges and leave off the point to make it a bit simpler.
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Now that I am not frantically scrambling to move, finish essays, and prepare for a conferece, I can take time to do things at home. This mostly involves cooking and cleaning, to help out the family and to prepare for my stuff to arrive. It's not fun, but it's good to feel accomplished and productive. Plus, I get to sleep in.

I'm also planning my next sewing projects. I have a couple of living history events at the end of May: Visit With the People of the Red River and Doors Open. The first is an educational day at one of the local museums, where kids from a school come and we do demonstrations. This needs c.1815 clothing because it's Selkirk Settlers/Manitoba history stuff. I was going to make a white petticoat to wear under my 1790s chemise dress that I was going to fake as being later by wearing it with my Regency stays. But I got the brilliant(?) idea that it wouldn't be much more work to make a petticoat and a shortgown/jacket out of some cotton print that I have and then I'd just straight-up have a period appropriate outfit for all my 1815 needs (which are many because that's the primary period we do). I am planning an ensemble based on a few period examples:
From the National Trust, can be seen in Nancy Bradfield's Costume in Detail.
From the Charleston Museum.

And there's a similar shortgown/jacket in [ profile] chocolatepot's Regency Women's Dress. I'm making a less frilly one because I don't have the patience for ruffles. Just a fitted back and loose front that will tie, with a collar. I have a whole Pinterest board for this project here. The petticoat will be really simple, just a shaped front, rectangular back, and straps. I think I can get this project done in a reasonable amount of time since I have a sort of basic Regency bodice pattern to start from.

The second event is at Dalnavert House Museum, where I was this past weekend for some of the conference. The house was built in 1895 so my new shirtwaist/skirt ensemble will have its first wearing! The ensemble really needs a hat (well, and a jacket, but I am being slightly ambitious, not crazy. I just hope it's fairly warm. I was chilly last year). I am thinking a plain sailor hat with a band of the same silk as the bow tie, kind of like this lady:

I also need to work on two baby quilts. I have the cotton fabric, but need the batting. I want to get the costuming done in the next couple of weeks and then maybe one quilt and then back to costuming (corset?) and then quilt again.

For non-sewing things, today I baked a cake. I'm calling it a diet cake. Now that I'm back home I am eating healthier (and less) and trying to get some exercise (so far, mostly vacuuming) and do stretching. I got a cake craving, though, so I made a "diet" version of a Victoria sponge cake. It's "diet" because it's about 2/3 of a regular cake recipe, which is 2 cakes put together to form the layers, and it doesn't have any whipped cream. Also, because it's at home, I only get to eat a quarter of the cake. ;p
It sunk a little bit in the middle, for some reason. Possibly problems when I reduced the recipe or maybe not quite baked enough, though it was definitely cooked. It's super easy to make and I love the taste. It's basically a pound cake recipe, usually done by weight, but I've converted it into volume measurements.
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Things I made in 2014 (some still need a bit of finishing, but are mostly done), with comments:
1. Smooth Sailing grey wool trousers: need hemming, nice wardrobe staple, will be good for when I have to look professional or something like a grown-up ;p

2. 1790s plum silk stays: technically need tape over the seams, but wearable as is, SO GLAD to finally have these done!

3. 1790s cotton-linen shift: practical and useful
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I did a terrible job on my 2014 goals, but don't care at all. I ended up wanting to sew different things. It happens. :p

On average I managed to sew one thing per month. Not bad for me. I also tried out a lot of new techniques and made a wide variety of garments. 2015 will mostly be CoCo sewing: lots of 1880s stuff and possibly a couple of other eras thrown in, plus many more accessories! :)
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I went to a pool party today and spent a few hours floating around in the 30 C (86 F) weather which was a nice way to kick off the day. Then, because it was my parents' 34th wedding anniversary, we went out for dinner and had some tasty sushi. And then there was a surprise fireworks display! We live across from a school that has several soccer fields in the schoolyard and some people were setting off fireworks, really big ones like the ones places have for Canada Day for like 10 minutes. It was awesome! My parents and I just stood at the window watching the fireworks go on and on. We have no idea why they were happening, but I joked and said that they were for my parents' anniversary. So quite a nice Saturday all around.

And here are some pictures of the finished baby quilt which I will be giving to my friend at her baby shower tomorrow.

Next in the sewing queue is the bridesmaid dress. I think I'll cut it out tomorrow evening.
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The baby quilt is done! I finally finished sewing on all the binding and was much more careful with pinning so I only had to redo one spot. So glad it's finished. Pictures to come.
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I'm back and after a couple of days of not sewing, I'm back at it. Today I sewed around the edge of the baby quilt, trimmed the layers, sewed the binding to the right side of the quilt, and started sewing the other side of the binding. I'm stitching in the ditch on the right side to catch the binding on the wrong side of the quilt. It is super fiddly and not all the edges get caught even though I'm using a million pins. I decided I need a break and will probably get it finished tomorrow. I am so ready to work on something that is just for me, but I need to finish this and make the bridesmaid dress first. :p
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I realized that I am way too lazy to do all the quilting I was originally thinking of. It is just too difficult trying to manoeuvre the fluffy quilt under and around the machine, especially because it's against a wall. So all I did was horizontal lines, 1/4 inch on either side of the seam and I'm calling it a day. Only the binding left!
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Look! A quilt top! I love how quickly this sews up. Don't look too closely though, many of the corners don't match. (Oops!) Oh well, I think it looks cheerful and happy and a 2 month old kid won't notice anyways.

And here's a closer view so you can see all the prints.

Today I want to get it quilted. I'm thinking stitching lines running 1/4 inch away from each seam, horizontally and vertically.
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I cut out all the squares and the binding for the baby quilt. (And only cut myself once with the rotary cutter and that was just because I gently brushed the back of one of my fingers against the blade by accident, so not serious at all.) I loved using my new-ish (from Christmas) quilting ruler. It made things so much easier. The backing will be the same yellow-y space aliens fabric as the binding. An unintentional theme of these fabrics seems to be things related to the sky (flight, space, stars). I was more trying to be somewhat gender neutral.

I also got my pattern sorted (I hope!). Here are the back/back lining, front lining, and front. I'm not entirely sure about the shape of the front which will be gathered over the lining at CF and sides. Trying to guess at how much it will shrink when gathered and taking the darts into account was tricky. I may need a mock-up for this.


Jul. 30th, 2014 07:59 pm
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I'm being a bit nuts and trying to sew up a baby quilt for my friend's baby shower on the 10th. I washed all the fabrics and have just finished cutting out all the squares. It's going to be very simple, just 8 squares by 8 squares, with them lined up in rainbow order. (I couldn't find an order that would look better.) I think I can get the quilt top at least mostly assembled tomorrow and then finish assembly and quilt the layers on Friday. Binding will have to wait until later next week because I'm going to be off to a friend's cabin for the long weekend.

I've switched gears again and come up with a different design for my bridesmaid dress. I'm copying McCall 7667, but I'll make it with a half circle skirt ending below the knee. I have a tried and true simple bodice pattern that I am going to fiddle with this evening. Mostly I just need to change the neckline and draft an extra front piece that will have all the shirring.

I'm a bit worried about having gaping at the front neckline because the sweetheart line means that it'll be all bias-y and possibly stretch out. I wonder what I can do to prevent that.


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