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As promised here is a picture of my finished baby blanket, during the (partially successful) blocking process when I was trying to make it a bit more even in width:

I was told yesterday that the baby's 5-year-old half sister really liked the blanket. So, since the new baby is getting all the attention and I feel kind of bad for the sister, I'm going to make a blanket for her too. In pink because that's the best yarn option sitting at home right now, but maybe I'll dye it purple since I have some blue dye.

Also here is a picture of my sweater. Well, the beginning of it anyways.
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I went out with two people from my book club. We headed out to a nearby small town on Thursday to visit with the third person who lives there. There's an awesome museum there: a Mennonite village. Some of the buildings and things are original, while others have been moved there to preserve them. It's so neat! You get to walk through these old buildings dating from the 1870s to the 19-teens. There are houses and schools and barns and stores. One of them was even the school that my friend's grandmother had attended. We had a delicious lunch too. It was so good I returned on Saturday with my family.

I finished the baby blanket on Saturday and was so glad to have it done. (Don't tell anyone, but one side is slightly wider than the other by about 2 inches. As I went on my tension got tighter.) I got some nice compliments on it from my aunt and uncle. A picture will be forthcoming. The baby shower/one-month party was pretty big. It took up several big tables at a restaurant and there was tons of food. It was a very food-filled day for me since my dad and I went to the local farmer's market that morning and bought pie, local honey (farmed by a former professor of mine), carrots, and tomatoes. Then we went to that small town for lunch with my mom to eat some fabulous borsht, doenaers, and cake, all made in-house. I somehow managed to have a dessert with every meal that day. Yay!

A couple days ago I started my new sweater. The stitches are definitely far from perfect at the beginning, but they are slowly improving, although they are still a bit squidgy. Maybe it's my tension, or maybe it's just the nature of the yarn, or maybe it just needs blocking, but my Vs (knit stitches) don't look like nice Vs. Instead, there's a definite separation where the next stitch loops through. It's not terrible and it may fix itself, so I'm not going to let it bother me too much. Ravelry link here.

The 1908 corset is still being worked on. I skipped several days of my schedule last week and am making up for it now. I'm at the point where I have the boning channels sewn in. Up next is cutting the boning and then setting grommets. Not too much to go now!
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I'm still working on the 1908 corset for my article. I should have it done early next week, which gives me well over a week to write the article. It also keeps me on schedule for getting my June projects done, because once I finish sewing this, I can get cracking on my corded petticoat again. This week I have dyed my corset fabric using onion skins, curry powder, and tea bags to get a golden yellow. Unfortunately it dyed a little unevenly, but as it's not too bad and it was an experiment anyways, I don't really mind. It's all cut out and I've started sewing. I had to stop because my camera battery died, so now I'm taking the time to post here while it charges. The baby blanket is about 90% done, which is good because I need to give it on Saturday. These three projects: corset, blanket, and corded petticoat, are what I decided I would get done this month. Next month I have a whole whack of new projects that I want to work on, so I'm really aiming to get these finished.


Jun. 14th, 2012 01:34 pm
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The tucked petticoat has now been altered. The hem is re-hemmed and the waistband closure has changed from ties to hooks and eyes. I'm really glad I made these changes so that the petticoat is right, instead of letting it sit around unworn. I tried it on with my 1840 corset yesterday. It looks good, but obviously I need more than just one petticoat to get a good early Victorian silhouette. So, I've started my corded petticoat. The panels were already ripped (2 panels of 45" fabric), and yesterday I sewed up one side seam and marked and ironed the hem. I'm going to sew up the other seam once I've marked the cording lines. I'm thinking that the cording will be very close together at the bottom and graduate the spacing as it goes farther up.

I'm still trucking along with the baby blanket. It's about 3/4 done. I'm super excited for my next knitting project; something that is actually wearable, and for me: a sweater! A short-sleeved, collar-less version of Simple But So Attractive from A Stitch in Time Vol. 2. I went yarn shopping with my dad last weekend and we picked out a cherry red, baby alpaca-silk blend. So soft! I hope my knitting is improved enough by this blanket to really do justice to the beautiful yarn of the sweater. The pattern is pretty simple and the instructions are so clear that I should be alright. I've never made anything that wasn't a rectangle before though, so I'm kind of nervous, but still excited. So many daydreams of vintage sweaters are running around in my brain!
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A Stitch in Time Vol. 2: Vintage Knitting Patterns 1930-1959 is now mine! It just came in the mail today and I'm super excited about it. If I was a better and faster knitter, I'd promise that you'll be seeing fabulous vintage knits here soon, but unfortunately I'm not. ;p However, it's a gorgeous book and is certainly inspiring me to get better at knitting so that I can make something out of the book soon. There are a couple easier projects that I think I can make up maybe in the coming year. That would be so fun! Meanwhile, I am still plugging away at the baby blanket for little Jayda, whom I finally met yesterday. It's about halfway done. My parents tell me that Jayda's very cute, but personally I feel that babies just don't get cute until they're about a month old and have filled out a little and actually do things. She was a very nice baby, though, and didn't do anything but sleep the whole time we were over, which wasn't very exciting but was much better than hearing a baby crying. The other little cousins were around too and are aged 5-10 They're lots of fun because they say such hilarious things but at the end of the day they go back home with their parents. :)
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I've been plugging away at my 1908 corset for my Foundations Revealed article. I got the first mock-up done and tried on yesterday. It looks like the picture, but is all-around too big because it laces closed, so adjustments are in order.

Nothing else is really going on with me. The baby blanket continues to increase with only a few minor mistakes. I'm always amazed at how quickly knitting goes. You start out with some yarn and then suddenly it's a big piece of something. After seeing a lot of people raving about A Stitch in Time Vol. 2, I looked it up. Geez, there are some gorgeous patterns in there! The library has Vol. 1 and I'm probably going to check that out soon, but I like the styles in Vol. 2 better. I'm being good and not buying anything right now though. I'm still looking for a job and refuse to spend money on me until I get one. So tempting though!
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I got a plain black cardigan for Christmas this year. I already had a black cardigan with an argyle pattern down the front, so I wanted to do something to spice it up. I was planning on embroidering an initial on the shoulder, Laverne-style, but then I saw Casey's tutorial on Elegant Musings for a sweater embellishment and changed my mind. I wasn't so into the beading, so mine is just appliqueed and embroidered.

It's a blanket stitch around the felt heart. I used a chain stitch for the shaft of the arrow, a lazy-daisy stitch for the fletching, and a satin stitch for the arrowhead. I love how it looks on the sweater. The embellishment really makes it personalized and different.

I've also started knitting a baby blanket for my new little cousin. It's a basketweave pattern with a garter stitch border. I'd forgotten how much I enjoy knitting. It's so relaxing. Plus, it's something I can do while watching hockey and old movies. :)


May. 17th, 2012 03:54 pm
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I know I've been kind of AWOL lately in terms of posting. I don't have much to post about because right now I'm pretty much just job searching. In terms of sewing I've been working on a 1908 corset for my next Foundations Revealed article. I'm about to embark on the mock-up stage, but I woke up today not feeling so great so I didn't really feel like cutting it out. I'm afraid that I am coming down with a cold. I watched The Young Victoria instead, for about the third time. :)

I went to an antiques mall with my dad last weekend. It was fun. There's a big, three storey building just jam-packed. I didn't get anything, but I wanted to buy about half the store. Unfortunately, I don't have a house to furnish. After that we headed over to a vintage/antique clothing store. I saw a couple teens dresses, one was a lingerie dress c.1912 and the other was an evening gown c.1914. There was also a gorgeous 1930s wine velvet gown that was labelled as 1915. Silly store! Then we headed down to the local market and bought some random foods for supper. This weekend my dad wants to take me to the art gallery. There is a Norman Rockwell exhibit going on. Should be fun.

In other news, my cousin and his girlfriend just had a new baby girl! She was born yesterday. I'm scheming about knitting her a baby blanket for her 1 month birthday. In Chinese culture, the first month is celebrated as the first year so there's a big party for that. I'm going to try an knit up a sample today and hope that it's not out of my skill range.


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