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Here it is, the stuff I sewed in 2011. I didn't do any knitting like I wanted to, but I was far more productive than usual. I got done, on average, just over one project a month, which was my original goal for the year. I think I can up my productivity for next year a little bit. I have some new strategies, like to just force myself to get started, because once I've started I have no trouble continuing. So...

Grape dress- which I want to re-fit in the waist section before I wear it

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Whew! That was a lot. It seems like this was a pretty productive year for everyone on my Friends list. See you all in 2012! Happy New Year! And best of luck with all your future sewing projects!
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So, here's the grape dress.

1947 Grape-y Dress! )

And this is the 1840 corset in-progress. What's left is boning channels and binding, which I want to get done this weekend. The dress dummy doesn't squish, so it looks a little odd. I sort of tried it on and noticed that there's a rather substantial gap in the back. I'm hoping the boning might squish me a little more to make a better fit. Also, the bust was a bit too big. Hoping the boning will help with that too. If not, I can always put a drawstring in the very top. And you can see that there's not nearly enough grommets in yet. Putting in more should also help with the fit.
1840 Corset in-progress )


Mar. 2nd, 2011 03:13 pm
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The grape dress is officially complete. The first thing to check off my list for the year. :) I took some pictures of my first fitting a few days ago. I'll post those when I'm feeling less lazy. 1840 corset is coming along. I got most of the grommets in. I'm out of grommets now. I wanted to wait on ordering more until I know what spiral boning I want to get for my 1880 corset to save on shipping costs. Up next is sewing the side seams, the boning channels, then binding. I also got my Wearing History pattern in the mail yesterday. I'm pretty excited about that. It's the 1930s Sports Togs. I don't have any fabric yet for this one, so I thought I'd hold off on it for a bit. When the weather gets warmer (if that ever happens, it's freezing today), I can get some fabric and make some appropriate clothing. I'm thinking Katherine Hepburn style beige trousers and crisp, white blouse. I'm waiting for my Past Patters order of a hip-length 1930s jacket and a 1930s dress, both of which I have fabric for (plum, Melton wool and a light poly floral in white, lavender, and purple).
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I got the bodice all sewn together yesterday and today I got the skirt put together and attached to the bodice. All that's left now is the zipper and hem. Yay! Reflecting on this dress, there were definitely a few snafus that occurred. Like going to cut out the dress and realizing that my fabric was only 38 inches wide. That was a hassle because the skirt is so full. Luckily, I'm short and had already calculated taking off about 5 inches, and the skirt was so full that taking off a few inches of width didn't make a huge difference either. In terms of putting the bodice together, some parts are a total pain in the @$$. There's a lot of bulk at junctions where multiple seams meet, and the construction itself is a bit odd in spots leading to places where, if you haven't cut and sewn everything perfectly, a little fudging is needed to make it look alright. The fabric I chose probably added to a couple troubles, since it's darn slippery. And I probably ironed some spots a little too much (in an attempt to make the bunchy or odd places look right) at too high of heat, since there are a few slightly shiny spots. But overall, it's looking pretty good, and I like it... I'll just like it even more once it's finished. ;p
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So far the bodice is about half together. It took me forever to mark all the pieces. And the fabric is all slippery and tricksy. But it's coming together. I've noticed that I am a lot more careful about my sewing now. I mean in terms of being accurate and pinning lots and ironing and all those sorts of things. I guess the precise habits of corset-making have transferred over into ordinary sewing. I feel like this is a good thing. There are lots of things that I only wear once or twice because I don't think the construction is good enough and I only see what I did wrong or how it doesn't fit perfectly. By taking the extra time and steps I'm hoping to make more things that I'll be happy to wear more frequently. :)
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It's Reading Week (aka Spring Break, but for some reason not in spring), so no school! :) I've been working away at sewing and homework... Well more sewing, less homework. I've sewn the lining in around all the gussets on my 1840 corset. I also have my 1947 cut out as of today. My plans are to get the corset and dress both done before I have to go back to school. Except that I don't have enough grommets to finish the corset, but I want to get every other part of it done. So for the corset it's side seams, boning channels, binding, and grommets. And for the dress it's all the sewing.
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This was my list from last year. It's funny; I did do sewing, but I didn't really work on any of these.
For 2010:
Finish plum 1790 stays
1860 corset
Some kind of shift or chemise
Gold striped petticoat
Red brocade jacket
Red cotton dress
Finish chocolate knitted mitts

What I actually got done this year:
1860 corset (actually morphed into a green fairy costume for Halloween...) and green fairy skirt (no pics of that)
And more! (Well, a little bit more...) )
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These ones are of the fabric that I got for Christmas from my mom. They also came with a gift certificate to the fabric store. My mom is an enabler when it comes to fabric hoarding. She's a fabric hoarder herself, so I come by it honestly. :)

Christmas Fabric! )

I also took a couple pictures of the quilt I made earlier this year. The backing is the same colour as the binding and borders, which is a bit more apricot-y in real life.
The pics! )


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