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I managed to put together my petticoat over the weekend. Which means pictures tomorrow! It gets dark so early now that I had to pick tomorrow because I get home from school early. (It seriously starts getting darker at 3:30pm. So ridiculous!) I plan on doing for real, nice pictures of the whole undergarment ensemble. I haven't tried it all on yet because I ironed it yesterday and didn't want to create a bunch of wrinkles. The petticoat was a good idea because it showed me the adjustments I'll have to make when I finally use the same pattern for the skirt of the evening dress.

To sum up, I've now completed two projects this year. Hurrah! One was an unfinished one from last year and the other was a new one using fabric from the stash and a pattern that I own. So I'm good on the Stash Busting/UFO Project front. :) Up next, following the project rules, finishing off my ivory slip and knickers (just adding straps and a snap). Then I'm on to a new project: jeans, using denim from the stash.
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Here it is, the stuff I sewed in 2011. I didn't do any knitting like I wanted to, but I was far more productive than usual. I got done, on average, just over one project a month, which was my original goal for the year. I think I can up my productivity for next year a little bit. I have some new strategies, like to just force myself to get started, because once I've started I have no trouble continuing. So...

Grape dress- which I want to re-fit in the waist section before I wear it

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Whew! That was a lot. It seems like this was a pretty productive year for everyone on my Friends list. See you all in 2012! Happy New Year! And best of luck with all your future sewing projects!


Aug. 7th, 2011 04:50 pm
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My camera decided to work this afternoon, so I had to make hay while the sun shone and take some pictures of my not-quite-finished, current sewing projects. So here are my ivory slip and knickers. Made from some sort of synthetic satin that feels nice and is pretty thin. The patterns were drafted up from vintage drafting instructions from 1940 that I made some changes to, such as cutting separate bust pieces for the slip which originally just had princess seams.

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All the bust pieces are sorted out and sewn in. I took in the side back seams a little and now it fits like a dream. The zipper is basted in and all that's left is to sew it in properly, hem, and trim with lace and ribbon straps. I decided I was too lazy to make little tubes out of slippery satin. I wish my camera was working better so I could take pictures. My camera is being all broken, and only works sometimes now. :( But, hopefully it'll be working when I'm finished with the slip. After the slip it's going to be matching knickers. Those should be cute!

Our weather lately has been so hot! (I made a gazpacho today, because it's just been too hot to cook for real.) It's just oppressive to go outside. But it's so sunny out that I want to be out. So I go out and putter in the garden for a bit (in actuality, I go out and water the planters) before rushing back into the air conditioning. My plants are doing alright. None of them are very big, but they're producing flowers now. One of the peas has little white pea flowers on it. And the tomatoes are both just starting to put out flower buds. My inside roses are also doing well. I've had four roses already and the plants have one or two buds each and are growing like mad. It's so fun to grow things! 

I mentioned earlier that I was writing some articles for Foundations Revealed. Well, now they're going to be published on Your Wardrobe Unlock'd. The first one on Early Victorian Underwear Layers will be up on July 26th, so check it out if you have a membership. I hope you like it! :)


Jul. 14th, 2011 03:49 pm
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My ivory satin slip has been cut out and the main pieces are sewn together. I made some changes that I noticed needed to be made from the China silk fiasco and now it is much improved. Although there are a few wrinkles, the fit is almost spot on. I have a sway back, which frequently causes a hassle. But the only thing I'm really not liking is the bust. It has some weird princess seams that curve too much. I think I'm going to cut out the front bust and sew in new pieces like this. But I think I'll save that task for tomorrow.


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