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Jan. 4th, 2016 09:59 pm
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Got my apartment stuff sorted out (keys on the way to me and bill paid) and thinking about other things, like what is on the sewing docket for the coming year. I've mentioned my projects before but I'm kind of sad that all of my upcoming projects are already decided. I like it being a bit open-ended. But since the reason for these projects being determined is the fact that I have specific things to wear these to, it's not really a bad thing. So here are the projects and their different elements, just to keep it organized:

1. 1895 ensemble: petticoat, corset cover, skirt, blouse, bow tie, straw boater, (jacket?)
2. 2 baby quilts
3. 1867 outfit: corset, crinoline, petticoat, (chemise?), print dress, hat, shawl
4. 1883 plaid kilted outfit: kilted underskirt, overskirt, velveteen bodice (I hope 1m is enough for this, if now, I have a cotton-silk suiting I could dye green that would work), (collar?), (cuffs?)
5. 1883 outerwear: coat, faux fur short cape, faux fur muff, faux fur hat, nubia
6. Modern: grey shorts

It's a lot of items for me to make in a year, but last year I made 3 ensembles/dresses for Costume College, so I think I can get it done. And when these are finished, I have some others that I want to get done after (maybe for the Francaise Dinner or Costume College in 2017).

1. Painted 1780s gown: bum pad, petticoat, petticoat, gown, wig, cap/hat
2. Lilac silk and cream net 1871 evening gown: petticoat, skirt, overskirt, bodice
3. 1816 ensemble: print dress or shortgown/skirt combo, cap/hat, apron, ruff/chemisette
4. 1790 riding habit: shirt, cravat, petticoat, waistcoat, jacket, hat
OR 4. 1908 ensemble: net guimpe, green jumper dress, (hat?)
OR 4. 1920s one-hour dress: lavender polka dot day dress, hat
OR 4. Yellow linen-rayon 1930s/40s something
OR 4. 1916 outfit: petticoat, corset cover, striped skirt, blouse, hat
OR 4. 1869 burnt orange dress: dress, overdress,
5. Modern: pants, (blouse?), (wool-cashmere blazer?) (birds voile dress?)

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Everyone else seems to be doing it lately and I think I finally almost sort-of have my plans figured out. So here goes:

Thursday night/Pool Party: 1960s confetti cotton dress

Friday classes: 1920s/Gatsby or Little House dress group

Friday night/Ice Cream Social: sounds like this might be the Game of Thrones group time

Saturday classes: 1920s/Gatsby or Little House dress group

Saturday night/Gala: Little Mermaid bustle gown (link to Pinterest board)

(Sunday breakfast: Regency cotton dress or spencer and petticoat)

Sunday classes: Regency Lost Hope Fairy

The 1960s and GoT dresses are already done so I don't need to worry about those. My essential costumes that I NEED to make are my 2 bustle dresses (Little House and Little Mermaid). Then, if I have time I want to make a 1920s and Lost Hope Fairy. If I don't have time, then my 1790s striped chemise gown is my back-up for Sunday and my 1942 green linen dress for day on Fri. or Sat. The second Regency is absolutely bottom of the list, but I got some pretty blush spotted voile that would make a lovely Regency dress and lots of fabrics around that would make good spencers since I have to make a strapped petticoat anyways.

For the 1920s I have 1.5m of black linen-rayon blend that I can trim with white sateen. I thought the black and white combo would be nice for Art Deco styling. Maybe I could also figure out a fun hat. Mostly, I thought 1920s would be less labour-intensive and something I could get done quickly.

For the Lost Hope Fairy, I kept thinking about what I had in the stash and would make sense for the theme. I remembered some shot black and purply-blue synthetic shantung I had sitting around. I also have some black synthetic chiffon. So I decided on a dress the colour of night, with a dress of the shantung and a tunic of the chiffon, dotted with little gold spots I could paint on for stars and maybe some silly tassels. Maybe also a turban with a crescent moon decorating it? My Pinterest board for this one.

Disclaimer: All plans subject to change! ;)


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