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Looking at the profile picture of myself in my polonaise, I decided that my skirts just don't have enough back poof for the era. I don't really have the time, or the inclination, to make another petticoat right now. However, I've come up with a couple of stop-gap ideas that are quick and easy: a small, flat-ish bustle pad that I can button under my ruffle bustle and a button-on back ruffle for my 1912 petticoat (which is pretty narrow). Both will be put on bands with buttonholes and the ruffle bustle and petticoat will have buttons added. This way, in the future, I can remove the bands and the buttons and the bustle pad can become its own thing and the ruffle can become a part of a new petticoat when I have more time to make one (I'm thinking a yoked petticoat). If I do machine buttonholes and keep everything very simple, should be easy to make these two things in a day. The bustle pad is already cut out and the muslin for the ruffle is in the wash right now.

I've also ironed my sateen for my ballgown skirt and pulled out my skirt pattern. This sateen is from Joann's and doesn't have the nice sheen that the Dharma Trading sateen does, but I think it will be fine once I fancy it up with paint. I can always make a new skirt for this outfit in the future out of something nicer, like a brocade, and switch over the trim, which will be box-pleated silk organdy.
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So I took a bunch of pictures of it all as it stands so far. Mostly my 1880s undergarments, but also an unhemmed skirt. The petticoat I'm wearing under my ruffled bustle pad is my Edwardian one. It's narrow (like Natural Form) but gives a little more volume than just one petticoat. I really like the ruffled bustle pad. Add a bit of extra junk in the trunk and stops the skirts from collapsing, but isn't as pronnounced as the shelf-like late bustle.
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I think the skirt might be a bit too long in the back, but it wouldn't be if I was wearing heels. I have no idea what shoes I'll wear with this, but I think I'll leave it as is because I'm lazy and will probably have heeled shoes for it. I also took at hint from [ profile] jenthompson and added an elastic to hold together the back of the skirt. Gives the right narrow shape in front. I'm pretty happy with how this is shaping up so far. :)
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Here are the pictures. :) Wearing the corset and waist petticoat with a modern bra and my Edwardian chemise that I made last year.

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Playing with the effects on my camera for fun.
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I managed to put together my petticoat over the weekend. Which means pictures tomorrow! It gets dark so early now that I had to pick tomorrow because I get home from school early. (It seriously starts getting darker at 3:30pm. So ridiculous!) I plan on doing for real, nice pictures of the whole undergarment ensemble. I haven't tried it all on yet because I ironed it yesterday and didn't want to create a bunch of wrinkles. The petticoat was a good idea because it showed me the adjustments I'll have to make when I finally use the same pattern for the skirt of the evening dress.

To sum up, I've now completed two projects this year. Hurrah! One was an unfinished one from last year and the other was a new one using fabric from the stash and a pattern that I own. So I'm good on the Stash Busting/UFO Project front. :) Up next, following the project rules, finishing off my ivory slip and knickers (just adding straps and a snap). Then I'm on to a new project: jeans, using denim from the stash.
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I got my petticoat cut out today, even though I meant to do it yesterday. I should be able to put it together this weekend. And then I'll finally have a wearable set of undergarments for one period! Yay! Just don't tell anyone I was too lazy to make drawers. ;p I will still probably make a corset cover/brassiere to go with. I think it will really help give the right shape.

In other news, I think I'm getting sick. I've been sick so often this winter. It really sucks. And it's always the same type of sick. It starts with a sore throat and sinus headaches and turns into an icky cold. Right now I have a slight sore throat that I'm trying to combat with lots of soup and liquids and my head and eyes feel all fuzzy and thick. Not fun.


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