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May. 25th, 2017 11:40 am
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The 4-hour written part of my big exam is tomorrow. Looking forward to getting that done. I've done a couple of practice essay questions and sent the answers to my advisor who said that I was doing just fine. (It's a pass/fail exam, so I don't need to be fantastic or anything, just good enough. :p) The 1-hour oral part of the exam is on Monday, which shouldn't be a big deal. Mostly it's about clarifying and going into more detail on your written answers and basically having a scholarly conversation about the stuff that you've read. I'm SO tired of reading 19th century literature. It's my favourite era, but damn, reading all that in 4-5 months is a slog. If you're interested in 19th century lit, I really recommend reading some of these lesser-known works that don't get as much attention as they could and probably should:
  • Walter Scott: Heart of Midlothian
  • Margaret Oliphant: Miss Marjoribanks
  • Charlotte Bronte: Villette
  • Catherine Parr Traill: Canadian Crusoes
I had a really weird and kind of funny dream last night. I was Elsa from Frozen and I'd run away from my kingdom and there was some sort of disease/plague running rampant, but I was immune to it because I was Elsa and have special powers. Hans (who was actually Kristoff, but looked like Hans) was helping Anna run things and they had realized that you could treat, but not cure, the disease using Olaf's snow melted into water. So somehow Olaf was multiplying into big giant snowmen who were being melted down and then the water was being splashed over the townsfolk in some sort of big waterpark/waterslide thingie. It was intense and sort of half live-action half computer animation.

I also dreamed I was at a house party or something and [personal profile] jenthompson and I think [personal profile] sarahbellem were there. And Jen had blogged about some cool suffragette event that she went to, but I didn't get a chance to read her blog post because, duh, house party, and I was going to read it the next day. I'm kinda bummed that I didn't get to dream read the blog post. It looked really cool from the brief glance I had at it.

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