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Yesterday I had some serious issues with my ballgown bodice mock-up. It was somehow much worse than the previous mock-up. Ugh. So I was apprehensive today. But I think I finally got a good ballgown pattern! Trying to figure out the off-the-shoulder bodice/neckline was the tough part. Here are some things that worked for me to get a good fit:
  • really scooping out the armhole, front and back, to get rid of excess fabric there that was causing a lot of wrinkles
  • figuring out the right angles for the shoulder straps, front and back, and the angle that they should join at (this involved a lot of fiddling and taking tiny horizontal darts out of the armscye)
  • taking in the neckline a lot so that it is closely fitted against the body
  • padding just in front of the armscye over the bust will be necessary to get a really nice shape and prevent wrinkles
Following up on [ profile] nuranar 's comment on my previous post about range of motion, yeah, not much in this bodice for me. Maybe I should have cut it a bit higher in the underarm, but I didn't want to mess with it once I got something that looked good. Anyone else who has made 1860s/1870s ballgowns have any knowledge to share about being able to raise arms in this kind of bodice?


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