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With my new corset! It's not as pretty as my lavender satin one, but the fit is much better. The waist is in the right place and the bust and hips have the right amount of room so that I have an almost perfectly even lacing gap. And, when I laced it up normally, I got half an inch more reduction than in the lavender corset! It's so comfortable too. The only nit-picky problem I have with it is that the bust isn't quite as in my mock-up, because I probably wasn't quite careful enough with the lapped seams and getting the curve just right. But it's pretty minimal and I don't really mind,
I put in the grommets today and almost had a terrible moment on the very last one. I was stretching the hole with a knitting needle and I felt the fabric tear, but it was only a tiny bit and the grommet still totally covers it, so it was all fine. Whew! Tomorrow I will definitely do the binding and maybe even the flossing.

I also had some thoughts recently about my potential bonus outfit. Instead of it being the 1875 plaid and burgandy ensemble, I am thinking of doing an 1871 outfit instead. The 1875 would require me making a bustle, but doing something 1871 I could just use my hoop (which is my next project) with my ruffle bustle on top of it. I also have fabric for an 1871 outfit. My lavender silk taffeta (which I eventually want to be an 1871 ballgown with cream net) was going to be made into a skirt anyways. And I have some beautiful ivory wool that I want to use for a polonaise, maybe trimmed in black or with the lavender taffeta. What I really want is scallops. Bound scallops are EVERYWHERE c.1870 and I want them, but have no time for binding (if I even get to this bonus project). So I was thinking doing scallops with a facing and maybe black lace edging (because that could be sewn on with the facing) or a black braid applied on top of the scallops. I'm mainly inspired by these from the FIDM and the Manchester Galleries (also in Arnold's Patterns of Fashion 2 and that [ profile] the_aristocat made a gorgeous blue muslin version of):
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