Jun. 10th, 2017

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I forgot that I had pictures. I took another picture and now here they are. The finished bodice, with closures:

I wore it around for a while after that, so I snapped a pic of it on:

It could definitely stand being about an inch longer in the waist. I am hoping that making a somewhat wide belt will be enough to cover the gap and skirt waistband without the bodice pulling out. If not, Plan B is to baste the belt to the bodice.

Overskirt as it is so far, with the ruffle and silk header attached. I did this by layer the ruffle and overskirt wrong sides together with the silk header right and ruffle right sides together. Machine sewed them all, then flipped the header up and attached it by hand at the top. This kept everything nice and neat with all the seam allowances encased.

I really like the way the net looks over the silk. It looks kind of coarse in pictures and really isn't particularly fine net, but from a distance it looks lovely and airy and sheer. Also, have I mentioned, NO hemming!? [personal profile] elizabeth_mn told me that early bustle should make you look like a little cake. I think lace trimmed ruffled net totally qualifies.

I was super lazy yesterday and only managed to try everything on and swan around in it for a bit. Today I'm going to cut out the belt/sash/butt bow. Tomorrow will probably not involve much sewing because I'm going on the train in costume with friends (like last year)! Hopefully no dastardly train robbers are about! ;p


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