Mar. 23rd, 2017

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I managed to get a mock-up done today of my ballgown bodice. I had to make a number of small adjustments, but didn't have time today to get to mock-up #2, which will also have a sleeve draft. I think it's looking good. Fitting the off-the-shoulder bodice is a bit tricky, though. I had the strap hitting right at the shoulder point, but after looking at photos from the 1860s and 1870s, it looks like ballgown bodices were actually off the shoulder, so I had to change that, which makes a weird armhole shape. I did take pictures, but my camera battery is charging now, so no pics for now.

I decided that I need to be way more disciplined about my daily schedule, because I want to get this sewing done, but I also need to get a TON of reading done. I had a prof a few weeks ago say that for doing the reading to prepare for these exams you need to set aside 7 hours a day to read. And another prof told me yesterday that she read for 9! hours a day when preparing for these exams. Right now, I'm probably averaging around 5-6 hours, which is probably why I'm not progressing quickly enough in my reading. It's stressing me out. So I need to get a strict schedule going that looks like this (minus the days that I have to go to school, which means that sewing gets cut on those days, and weekends, which are a mish-mash depending on what's going on):

9:15am: get up, shower, eat
11:30am: sew
2:00pm: snack and start reading or doing notes
5:30pm: make supper, eat
7:00pm: read and get in 30 min of exercise
12:00am: go to sleep

I can do this! *deep breaths*


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