Mar. 14th, 2017

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I've managed to get my skirt to where it should have been before my snafus. It still needs a hem. And preferably a flounce, but I'm waiting on the flounce until I finish the other parts of the gown to make sure I have enough fabric. For the hem, I'm doing a hem facing and I need to put weights in the train because it doesn't seem to want to lie right. Oh, also planning on sewing little rings on the inside with a tie through them so that I can bustle up the back from the inside.

Some pics of the finished bustle and the skirt as it is now.

In the last pic you can see where I had to attach a new back to the waistband and the cartridge pleating. This skirt also has pockets!

I think that I need to change how I do gored skirts because these don't seem to like to lie flat in the front over the stomach. They should probably be angled a bit more at the top rather than having the line straight. It lies smoothly when I pull the waistband up, though, so not redoing this.


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